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3 Years!!

Today is the 3rd Birthday of Red Wine and Lipstick! It’s been a little inconsistent but still a great way for me to get my thoughts out there when I have them!

Thank you to all who have read, supported and enjoyed reading my thoughts! Here’s to another year of blogging and spreading ideas!



3 Years!!

(Fashion) Things I’m Excited About Pre-Spring.

There’s always that time between Christmas and the first real days of spring. It’s still cold and there’s snow on the ground, but the winter colors of hunter green and maroons don’t quite fit in with the bright, snowy mornings. The holiday spirit is gone but you’re still bundled in parkas and boots and hats, and you yearn for something bright! You probably spend most of your day dreaming up a colorful spring wardrobe with lace mini dresses and flower patterned shorts with strappy sandals.

Yeah, me too. So while we still have a few months before we can revel in the sun, working on our tans and being lazy, I’ve come up with a few things I’ve been lusting over for the in between months. They honor the coming styles of spring, but maintain the practicality of winter wear.

If you know me, you know I love a great sweater and where them any chance I get. I’ve got cashmeres, a great woolen one stolen from Tyty, sparkly sweaters, slouchy sweaters, graphic sweaters, and even one embellished with a jeweled cat from H&M (my current fave). You name it, I probably have it.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the extra-oversized sweater! I bought one from H&M in the fall and am finding endless ways to style it! I love wearing mine with black skinnies and heels and a fur snood. But it looks ultra chic with a maxi skirt or dress!


The next trend I’ve been loving also includes sweaters (I told you, I love them). Kendall Jenner rocked a great pre-spring trend last week on Fashion Police (btw, my bucket list to host an ep)! Asymmetrical cuts and kaleidoscopic prints were all over the runway for the coming spring and her skirt balanced well with a bright sweater. Adding some color to a snowy day makes spring seem so much closer!


Depending on where you are, the snow is starting to melt and shoe options are becoming more generous! Booties are always great for spring dresses and shorts. And they’re definitely great for a slightly colder days when paired with boyfriend jeans and your favorite tee. I’m all about a flat Chelsea boot, inspired by Cara Delevingne.


We still have a few cold months so of course, a coat is needed! Bring on the spring in a gorgeous pastel coat to carry you through the end of the cold, and can definitely be used again for the following winter!



(Fashion) Things I’m Excited About Pre-Spring.

Lazy Days.

Weekends, (particularly Sundays) are made for laziness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being productive and being all carpe diem, but now that the holidays are over I just want to chill. Lately, I’m much happier with a bottle of wine and something to read than going out.  Especially this weekend! The east coast’s snow day caught up with us and we got nearly 8 inches of snow! Currently 10 degrees and still snowing… aka not getting out of bed (see pic):

photo (1)

With that in mind, I encourage you to take Sunday a little slower and curl up with a mug of tea. Finish reading your Vogue or maybe dust off a few books you promised yourself to read. Listen to Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience part 1&2. Make a list of recipes you want to try this week. Mentally prepare yourself for the return of Downton Abbey tonight. Even this article agrees with me!

Whatever it is, make sure you don’t get out of bed. Or at least if you do, only do it to make something tasty. If you need some ideas for things to make your day lazy check out my list:

  • This and this Tumblr (for those who seek a little visual inspiration)
  • A throwback list that will make you think you’re back at your middle school dance.
  • #selfieolympics (selfie inspo for your next Instagram.)
  • Get lost in Wikipedia. I guarantee you wont even realize it’s Monday before you stop! These are my favorite!
  • Life is too short to be a vegetarian.
  • Some British humor about American humor.
  • For the fashionistas.

Happy Sunday and stay cozy everyone! Let me know what your favorite lazy day things to do are!

Lazy Days.

Back & College Educated, She Graduated.

So here’s something I haven’t done in a while. Blogged.

Whatever. New year, new resolutions right? The interesting thing is, since I’ve been gone, I’ve maintained my viewership. Maybe I was onto something before I left off? 2014 is going to be a blog year. Everyone and their mother has a blog these days, but I like to think I’m part of the OG Bloggers Club. So if I publicly say it, I have to follow it, right? I’M GOING TO WRITE MORE!

Okay that felt good. Anyhow… I graduated 2 weeks ago (go me!) and hopefully that will motivate me/give me more time to have adventures or thoughts worth writing about. I doubt anyone reading cared about my thoughts on the Arab Spring or how annoyed I was about such and such paper. (If you really did, please private message me and I guess I can send you my thoughts.)

Now that I have all this time, I’m really interested/nervous/excited to see where things will take me! With school finished, it’s time to start doing big girl things like work, decide where my next move will take me, get a bill for student loans, figure out annoying things like how health insurance works (stupid Obamacare), and basically just discover who I want to be longterm. (“Mom? Can you come pick me up? I’m scared.”)


I thought that when I (finally) graduated pressure from deadlines and responsibility and even needing to arrive places on time ceased; and your parents threw this big party for you because “Hooray! You never have to go to an 8 am anymore or decide between going to class or happy hour!” For a fleeting moment you think your life is actually, finally going to be one long guiltless happy hour where you’ll dance from restaurant to bar like Carrie Bradshaw and friends, and you’ll even get to catch up on Game of Thrones! But then your family and friends go back home, and you’re left alone in your grad cap clutching a bottle of Moet because it reminds you of a baby bottle and you’re not ready to grow up.

Nope, in fact there are more deadlines (even just 2 weeks after the big party–I have a job after all)! And people judge you even more if you’re late and carrying the slightest smell of last nights booze with you like a purse. Like duh, that was for college. Now you have to be an adult and have wine and cheese nights instead.

Well….wait… I guess generations of really fabulous, well-dressed people graduated and do all those adult things and STILL have time for happy hour and can binge watch all their favorite shows. Maybe I could be the Beyonce of college graduates? So alright, I’m not as panicked as I was while writing the last paragraph. Definitely still intrigued about what’s to come. Aren’t you?

With the year still being pretty new, I hope you’ll read my 12 months of adventures and even join in on the fun if you’re so inclined! There’s a lot of change that gonna go down this year, but I think it’ll all be the best yet! Happy 2014 everyone, wishing you health, happiness, and wanderlust!


p.s. My grad pictures were taken by the exceptional and beautiful Meigan Canfield Photography! She’s based in Colorado and is amazing! Be sure to check out her work!

Back & College Educated, She Graduated.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


2 years ago, on April 25th 2011, I came back from a long weekend in Arizona and was inspired to write. I built this blog, Red Wine and Lipstick, to document my adventures, passions, and inspiration. Looking back on past posts, I realize how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned. It’s a little nostalgic reading things I wrote in a different room, as a slightly different person and in totally different life. But exciting as well. Pursuing my love for writing and blogging has pushed me to discover things about myself and created some great opportunities for me. I haven’t stopped writing since that afternoon two years ago. And I don’t think I ever will.

Happy Birthday to this blog and many more to come!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!