Thanks 2012! Hey there, 2013!

Well, 2012 has come and gone. I’m pretty sure I did not complete half the things I said I would last January, but I did find and learn a great deal about myself. The beginning of the year started off a bit rocky for me, despite the awesome New Years celebration I had. I spent most of the beginning of the year exploring my new “21-year-old” self and meeting tons of awesome people, and reeking chaos with my besties. (Shout out to Lily and the rest of the Goss-Grove crew).

About mid-year I realized I had lost an important sense of who I was or what I wanted… I decided to cut back on my new ways (despite how fun they might be) and get back to my roots (running, cooking, and exploring opportunities for my future.) I really started putting my effort into gaining control again in September and since then, I’ve only seen positive and fulfilling change.

Those of your who have seen my facebook will know that I mentioned 2012 as a year of many different experiences (both good and bad), new friendships, adventure, and sometimes hardship. But despite the rocky moments, I would never change a single thing I learned, felt, or experienced this year. It takes a few hardships to discover what you really want and need in your life and I think I can say that after 2012, I grew into that  “adult” chapter of life; someone who knows what they want, where they want to go, and fully aware that they are responsible for where they will end up in the next few years. I’ve bonded even more with people I love, met the love of my life, figured out (more or less) what I want from a career, and discovered what truly makes me happy! In the moment I might have felt frustrated or lost, but looking back I realize I was cutting down all the things blocking my view of happiness! Now I’m exactly where I want to be!

Picture 7

Here’s to 2013! May this year be as fulfilling as the last, and may you too discover the things that make you passionate!

Tips for a successful and amazing year:

1. Take advantage of every opportunity! Be a “yes!’ person

2. Try something new at least once a month.

3. Set three goals for yourself and reach them! It doesn’t matter how big or small they are.

4. Exercise your mind. Read a lot, or learn a new language. Practice an instrument you used to play! You’ll feel stronger.

5. Tell at least one person you love them every day. Even if it’s yourself.


Before I sign off, here’s a quick look at some of my favorite moments of 2012!


Nuqui, Colombia with my family.


Wookie’s 21!       540018_3039013009921_796656166_n

My 21st at Ultra! BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!

389319_3050688181793_1045638117_nSpring Break in Miami!

181378_3649516790893_1167355725_nCrawdad Boil!


487346_3665351466750_19110584_nRan my first half marathon!

206051_487506764596562_933859848_nNights you wont remember with people you’ll never forget.


YOLO camping trip!



Florence + the machine at Red Rocks



Birthday Boy

385688_4297611592858_259639163_nMadonna, Front Row, Golden Triangle.

Picture 17

Picture 6

Picture 13

Picture 9The greatest person you will ever meet.


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! I love you all and thanks for reading 🙂

*all photos taken from my facebook and my Instagram



Thanks 2012! Hey there, 2013!