30-Something Hours in London. 

Our time in London came and went and I fell in love with the chilly city just as quickly.

Here’s how we did London in 24 hours: 
First and foremost, we didn’t sleep. The battle was difficult but we fought the jetlag until 11pm. Go out for dinner, grab a pint, walk around. Do whatever you need to do but don’t fall asleep before a normal sleeping hour. 

When you finally sleep for the night, plan for an early morning and take advantage of the long ass summer days. (Seriously! It gets dark around 10pm!)

In the morning, we walked around our new hood (we stayed in Soho off Oxford Street). At 830 we were out the door, exploring, watching the locals, zig zagging through parks and streets toward Covent Gardens. 

We had a light breakfast at Paul’s (decent cappuccino and bread) and met with one of my best friends, Djon! (He happened to be in London the same week!) 

We walked off our breakfast in the direction of Trafalgar’s Square and got down to business. 

In the square, enjoy the free museums. We popped into the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery (great for British Monarchy buffs!). From the stairs of the NG, you can catch some epic views of London’s greatest landmarks. 

After a few Lion snaps, we started walking toward Buckingham Palace along the Mall and were lucky enough to catch the changing of the guard AND a procession of ambassadors visiting the queen. 

After checking out BP, we headed toward Westminster to check out Parliament and Downing Street. During lunch, we decided to split up for a while: Mateo meeting up with a friend from university and the rest of us heading across the River Thames. 

Aaron, Djon and I decided to grab a few bikes from the Cycles station (much cheaper than the tube) and cross the Thames to check out the Shakespeare Globe Theater and the Tate Modern. 


Before dinner we decided to continue exploring by bike back towards Camden and finished off with a plate of fish and chips before climbing into bed. 

My favorite thing we ate was a trendy Indian-tapas style joint called Dishoom in Soho. A little expensive for our backpacker lifestyle but worth the splurge. 

The Tate was interesting but lacked something in terms of intrigue for me. 

London was such a bright and diverse city! The energy was inspiring and exciting. I loved everything about (except for maybe riding my bike amongst the double decker buses). There was so much style, so much history! 

I wish I could have spent more time in neighborhoods like Chelsea, Shoreditch, and Notting Hill, but now I just have another reason to go back. 🙂 

30-Something Hours in London. 

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