Photoblog: Cali, Colombia

A couple weeks ago, I escaped down south to visit my cousin in beautiful Cali, Colombia.

We spent the long weekend or puente (note: something I’ve learned about Colombia is that almost every weekend is a long weekend!) catching up after a long year of not seeing each other and enjoying the tropical climate of Cali.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Between chatting poolside, exploring the flavors of Cali (like arepas filled with meat, plantains, cheese and topped with different salsas), salsa dancing (it’s the salsa capital of Colombia!) and cooking delicious brunches, I felt completely and utterly relaxed when I got back to Bogota.

My cousin’s house is a dream. It’s an open air house with a beautiful garden, full of every fruit tree you can imagine and the most beautiful birds in every color.

We cooked many meals from local ingredients and flavors (and when I say local, I mean like direct from her garden! Papaya, tomatoes, oranges, arepas, herbs!) 

Sunday I decided to show her how we do brunch in Boulder, Colorado: eggs and ham, chocolate-banana oatmeal pancakes, papaya and chia smoothes, coffee, mimosas with fresh squeezed OJ, and more!

What do you think? I think we did Boulder proud!

I could have stayed swinging in the hammock for the rest of my life.

Photoblog: Cali, Colombia

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