Hungry and Alone: Dinner for One.

Living alone is definitely much different than not living alone.

Not only are most of your hours spent alone (until, of course, you begin to make friends)… but I never realized how much my food schedule revolved around someone else’s. My usual routine is to head to the store once a week for basics (eggs, cheese, bread, fruit, coffee and almond milk) and then, depending on what was decided about dinner, we would go to the store or order in daily. Breakfast was toast and coffee and lunch was always some variation of basics or leftovers.

Now that dinner is a one-woman-show, I find myself not really needing it. Or wanting it. Since I moved in alone, I’ve been sustaining myself on coffee, arepas (a kind of Colombian corn tortilla) and queso campesino (every day cheese)…. until last night.

I realized last night (Saturday) at about 11pm that I was utterly and completely starving! Picking at this and that like a pigeon had finally caught up to me. My instinct was to go to the fridge, but I knew the contents would likely disappoint: you can only eat so much cheese and arepa. Then I reached for my phone to order take out… Quickly realized I didn’t know of any local places who delivered after 11 pm.

I subdued my appetite with a little wine and Danish cookies, however this morning pangs of hunger reminded me that I should eat properly again. Didn’t you notice a lack of foodie photos on my Instagram this week!?

I spent a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and eating papaya on the porch, (again, serious appetite suppressants) but when 4pm called, I decided to raid my fridge of the last random bits and ends for a proper meal.

After tossing last weeks carpaccio and some chicken, I decided to sauté up everything else that was left: Arugula, garlic and rosemary, capers, and some iberico cheese in a little white wine. I topped that with 2 over medium eggs and called it a day.

Not too shabby for an impromptu kitchen fridge clean out!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetI’m not going to lie: Living alone is difficult.

Hungry and Alone: Dinner for One.

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