Skinny Teatox Challenge: Part 2

Alright, so I’ve officially completed 48 hours of this teatox. Here’s what’s been goin’ on since I started, staring with my meal/workouts…

First things first: the tea. The teatox is made up of two teas. One is a loose leaf “Morning Tea” which you drink in the morning after steeping for about 5 minutes. It’s energizing and tastes good too (like a mix between mate and green teas). The second is the “Night Tea” which should be had every other night after being steeped 2-4 minutes.

Morning face.

Day 1:

Breakfast: I started by my making my tea (boil enough water to fill a mug and steep the loose tea in it for about 5 mins) and sip on it throughout the morning, drink 2 glasses of water, and eat a banana.

Lunch: I usually make a salad at home: something along the lines of spinach with avocado, chicken, and tomatoes and a lemon, olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing. I also sprinkled some chia seeds for extra omega-3’s and had a hard boiled egg about an hour later.

Dinner: I had some chicken noodle soup from Zoe Ma Ma (my favorite) and a bao bun (probably not the best option, but I can’t resist!)

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Before Bed: Steep the non-caffeinated “Night Tea” in boiling water for 2-4 minutes. It has laxative effects to help clear your digestive tract. And it’s not messing around! I drank it at 11pm and it started working promptly at 9 am the next morning. Don’t be caught somewhere you don’t wanna be, if you catch my drift.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Morning tea, 1 tbsp Justin’s Almond Butter (all natural, no added sugar). Almond butter is great in the morning, but I try to limit it since I’m capable of eating the entire jar at once… I LOVE nut butters.

Lunch: I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I went with a PowerBar with 20 gr of protein. (A better option would have been a Joe Dillon protein smoothie with almond milk)…

Dinner: Still wasn’t very hungry (maybe from the Night Tea?) so we had a simple meat, cheese and olive platter. The cheese was a bit to heavy for my gurgling stomach so I stuck mostly with dolmas (rice and seasoning wrapped in grape leaves) and some bread.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Morning Tea, haven’t made breakfast yet..

Lunch: (planned) Egg white scramble with tomato and maybe avocado.

Dinner: unknown

Work outs: I ran a half marathon two weeks ago and injured myself severely during the 11th mile! I’m not sure how it happened but I sprained my ankle and wasn’t able to walk for a few days. I’m just now starting to feel better on it so I’m finally able to get out and run!

The Day 1 I was still in recovery so I tried to walk as much as possible and worked on a few planks and pushups. Day 2 I went out for a slow and easy 5k to get back into the groove. It feels amazingggg to be back out running. Especially now that the air is crisp. Today (Day 3) I plan on running another 5k and hitting the gym to test out my new Nike Training Club app!

How I feel: 

So far so good! The Morning Tea tastes really good (I’m a huge fan of yerba mate, and this has a similar taste) and keeps me energized and focused all morning long. My habits needed a bit of work but by the end of Day 2, I could feel my body becoming more conscious of what I was eating and felt the need to get out and workout (where the last week I’ve been a bit lazy). The Power Bar wasn’t an ideal lunch since they are extremely processed and my body could tell.

The Evening Tea is a little rough for me. It doesn’t taste bad but it’s very strong. My stomach was a little uncomfortable the morning after I drank it, but then it eased and I felt okay until about 5pm where I endured a bubbly, grumbly, generally uncomfortable stomach until I woke up the next morning. I’m a bit hesitant to drink the tea tonight… but maybe I’ll have only half a mug and steep it for only a minute.

Here is me on the morning of Day 3. Physically, I feel better: more energized, focused and motivated to work out. My body is reacting to conscious, healthy changes I am making. Visually, I don’t see a difference but we’ll see how things are looking after Day 5… Stay tuned!! Let me know how your teatox is going!

Day 2 Skinny Teatox results


Calvin Klein BraNike shorts.

Thanks to Skinny-Teatox for helping make this post possible! 

Skinny Teatox Challenge: Part 2

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