Exploring Georgetown.

On my last day in DC, we took the metro into the city early in the morning so we could spend the day in Georgetown. Which I promptly fell in love with. I’d been to G-town once before as a kid, but seeing it now as an adult was a totally different experience. I already picked out my future home and yoga studio.

DSCN1566 DSCN1565

After a quick and delicious (and cheap!!) breakfast at Georgetown Dinette we strolled down N street to check out JFK and Jackie Kennedy’s old home (beautiful)…

DSCN1569 DSCN1570

…and then continued our stroll through the Georgetown campus, where we sat on the front lawn and pretended to be students again. (We had backpacks and everything!)

DSCN1578 DSCN1580 DSCN1581 DSCN1582

This library looked like the Gryffindor

georgetown library

Then we checked out JFK’s old church… there was a baby rat outside and we SCREAMED. It was gross. After that we went over to the famous stairs from The Exorcist and I pretended to be possessed by the devil.




And I found a cool bar called F. Scott’s, but it was closed, but I will definitely come back just to check it out!

georgetown f scotts

We were eager to check out Georgetown Cupcakes (hello, they have a show and everything) but the line was out the door and we’d heard mixed reviews so we decided to skip that and continue in search of a more local and delicious sweet shop.

We found it at Baked and Wired. Half bakery and half coffee and tea house, we found endless options in cupcakes, brownies, cakes, oat bars and cookies plus a slew of gluten free varieties! Everything is made daily from scratch, in-house and the place is packed with students, tourists, alumni visiting their old stomping grounds, and local politician types.

via: www.sintelsystems.com
via: http://www.sintelsystems.com
via: bakedlist.com
via: bakedlist.com

Sarah picked an amazing lemon cupcake and I went for a cookie-brownie combo. We found a cozy spot in the back and before I knew it, I had finished my entire cookie-brownie! No foodie pictures to share. 😦 We sat for an hour or two chatting away before I head back to DCA.

The entire back wall is covered in napkins which people have left cute notes and drawings on. Obviously, we had to leave one too! We decided to pay homage to our alter egos B and S.

baked and wires

And then I inception-ed Sarah’s instagram.baked and wired

It was an amazing weekend of relaxing and catching up and I can’t wait to go back and explore it more!

Exploring Georgetown.

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