DC, the Shake Stack and Lunch by the Water.

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, you probably already saw that I was in DC this weekend! I headed east for a few days to visit one of my oldest friends, Sarah, in her new home! It was a great weekend of delicious food and catching up and LOTS of walking!

Disclaimer: This post is long and filled with delicious looking (and tasting!) food. It may cause jealousy. Please do not attempt to eat your screen while reading. 

I met her on the metro and we headed straight for one of our NYC favorites: Shake Shack! I haven’t had a Shake Shack burger in years, but omgzzz have I missed it! Their ‘shroom burger is to die for but I’ve been craving a classic burger for days now so I decided to go big with the Shake Stack (cheese burger with portobello stacked on top) and a Fair Shake (vanilla shake with  fair trade (!!) COFFEE extract swirled through). God it was good.

red wine lipstick


I did notice the portobello was fried. Has it always been fried!? I could have sworn that back in the day it was grilled. I feel like I remember it being fried when I visited Shake Shack Miami (circa 2012) but I have memories of Shake Shack NYC (circa 2010) being grilled. Am I cray? Anyone know? PLEASE TELL ME! red wine lipstick

Stuff and happy we headed back to her house in Alexandria after a long day of travel. Plus, we needed to rest up for more DC-foodie adventures that awaited us!

The next day started with an iced coffee and a much needed mani-pedi while Sarah was at work. Then we met up and headed to King St. in old town Alexandria for lunch!

Red Wine Lipstick

After a little bit of window shopping, we decided on seafood! We figured you could get pizza and salads anywhere and being as I’m landlocked most of the year, I lovvvee some fresh seafood!

Red Wine Lipstick


This place was INCREDIBLE! We went for a late lunch, so the entire restaurant was empty for the first half of our meal. The old interior was very much the colonial style you except in Alexandria, absolutely beautiful with a nautical feel. I wish I would have snapped a couple photos because it was perfectly detailed and gorgeous. Apparently, some of the interior wood is charred black from a Civil War fire! If that’s not a side of history with your dinner, I don’t know what is!

After choosing our win, which was an exceptionally crisp white Zin, we decided to go family style and order a couple plates that looked delicious to us and share them.

Our calamari was a giant heaping plate of perfectly golden and fried pieces and a curry spiced dipping sauce (maybe curry mayo?). God, it was good. I miss it already…

Red Wine Lipstick

Red Wine Lipstick Red Wine Lipstick


Next, we shared a lump crab cake with okra and corn relish. I might have eaten okra once or twice before at Roscoe’s in LA… but I certainly don’t remember it being that delicious! It was sweet and a little crunchy, giving just the perfect hint of southern flair to this dish. Go ahead, take a look at it…

Red Wine Lipstick Red Wine Lipstick

Alright one more look…

Red Wine Lipstick


The crab cake was superb. Flakey, soft, and full of flavor. I was hoping to get more than one of these bad boys (the plate was $12) but it was such a large piece that we didn’t have too much of an issue sharing.

For our final course, we decided on their special: grilled salmon, topped with shrimp, scallops, and crab in a sherry sauce. It might have been my least favorite of the three dishes (mostly because I’m still dreaming about the calamari and crab cake) but it was still delicious! Perfectly cooked and rather light, I wouldn’t mind making a version of this back home!

Red Wine Lipstick DSCN1504Red Wine Lipstick


After such a huge lunch, we needed to walk it off so we strolled down to the Potomac River.

Red Wine Lipstick
Shorts and shirt: Zara, Shoes, Birkenstocks.

Red Wine Lipstick Red Wine Lipstick


We spotted a man who performed elaborate jazz pieces on crystal glasses and chatted up all the ladies who stopped to watch. Red Wine Lipstick


We stopped into Sarah’s fave coffee shop of the moment: Misha’s. It was a bright, quirky local spot with magnet letters spelling out the menu and piles and piles of Colombian coffee ready to be roasted. They do a pretty killer almond milk iced latte, too(I think i’m an addict).

Red Wine Lipstick Red Wine Lipstick


After our coffee, we continued on to Union St. Public House to meet her friends for a happy hour drink. The spot used to be an old hangout of George Washington, himself! #prettycool

Red Wine Lipstick


We continued our walk afterwards and found a boutique with a really awesome name…

Red Wine Lipstick


We strolled talking until dark, stopped in for some pizza at a local place, grabbed a cupcake at another, and then stopped at Whole Foods for a bottle of vino (that we never drank) before heading back to her house to rest. We were exhausted, but we ate well and the trip had only just begun!

We figured we should rest our eyes before a day packed with bottomless mimosas and bike riding…

Until tomorrow! xo

DC, the Shake Stack and Lunch by the Water.

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