Chanel Couture: Bring On The New It-Shoe.

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld debuted Chanel’s Fall 2014 Couture show complete with a Kardashian and a pregnant bride. However, what really stood out was the shoe of the show: flip flops. I can’t recall (correct me if I’m wrong) the last time we saw a flip flop on the runway…

Could we be seeing the new Birkenstock? Every so many years the fashion kings and queens select a new shoe to sanctify and become the beacon of all things chic. Sometimes it’s an ugly turned pretty shoe (ie metallic Birks) or a plain jane turned badass (ie high top Chanel ); which when paired with high fashion or contrasting pieces make it seemingly cool, instantly effortless. Haute couture, once reserved for galas and red carpets, are instantly transformed into flea market ready-“Oh this old thing?”s without missing a beat.

Maxi dress birkenstocks

“That woman is wearing off the runway Celine with… Birkenstocks? NEED A PAIR!!!!!” fashionfreaks shrieked last summer.Celine-birkenstock-full-look-636x954

After this week’s show, Karl has done the same with the flip flops. Gone are the sandy, weather-beaten Rainbows which gave you blisters in 2006 or everyone’s favorite candy colored Havianas. Nope. I predict this new species of Shoe of the Moment will identified by texture and pattern and embellishments. Details, my friends, details.

Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Chanel’s version featured their classic tweed material tied sweetly around the ankle with a ribboned bow, like a Grecian Jackie Kennedy; and as we saw with Celine, it only takes one fashion nod to send the rest of us into a frenzy. What do you think? Are you ready to wear flip flops with your custom Balmain?

Because who knows… In a year’s time, us fashionfreaks might be saying “Balenciaga with…. NO SHOES!?”

Chanel Couture: Bring On The New It-Shoe.

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