Summertime Ceviche

There’s something about summer and seafood that just make sense. Especially ceviche! I rarely ever order ceviche (especially in Boulder, it’s a little harder to find) and usually only indulge my cravings when I’m in South America. But last night I was watching Parts Unknown: Peru (obsessed with Anthony Bourdain!), and decided I couldn’t wait until I got down to South America again for my fix!

Using my favorite blog’s Ceviche Boat recipe (Find it on my Pinterest) I headed to Whole Foods to find the freshest fish in Boulder. (If anyone knows of a fresher, better fishmonger in the Boulder area, please let me know!!). The original recipe calls for Seabass (an excellent choice!) but I opted for the slightly cheaper tilapia. Still very good, though I think I prefer Seabass.

ceviche recipe

Ceviche is wildly easy to make. The key is to have quality and extremely fresh ingredients! The marinade is just a mix of fresh lemon juice, lime juice, a small chile pepper, cilantro, and green onion. The acidity of the citrus cooks your fish in about 30 mins, but I left mine in about an hour and half since my chunks were slightly larger. It is recommended not to exceed 3 hours so that the fish does not overcook and fall apart.

Ceviche ingredients


When it was ready to serve, we scooped it out into avocado halves for a light, refreshing, and healthy dinner!

Bon Appetite!

Summertime Ceviche

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