My little brother graduated from high school last weekend! We’re all super proud and excited for him, he’s accomplished a lot AND he’s going off to CU Boulder next year, just like yours truly!

Aren’t we a cute bunch?




Santi and I worked on some sketches before the ceremony…




It’s Loyola tradition that the graduates have a cigar (gifted by their dad) after the ceremony. It’s really random and I don’t know the exact meaning, but pretty badass, nonetheless, in my book.





Post-grad we went to a great French bistro in Pasadena called Cafe Bisou, but I had a bowl of lobster bisque and escargot in front of me and was too hungry to take any pics. (I know, and I call myself a “food blogger”…). I was carrying Aaron’s grad balloon and I was nearly blown away! That seems to happen to me at graduations! 

DSCN1132 DSCN1135

Dress: Zara/Belt: Vintage/Shoes: Zara/Purse: Vintage Neiman Marcus/Panama Hat: street vendor in Colombia

Congrats Aaron and GO BUFFS!! Check out his Bitcoin podcasts here, and his Twitter here! 


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