The Met Gala: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Ohh the Met Gala. I dream about it, I write about it. And I’m still waiting for my chance to be apart of it.

Until then I’ll just drool over every single picture, red carpet video and article about it. This year’s Gala was an ode to Charles James, the classic gown designer (think Grace Kelley-esque floor sweeping princess gowns). Many found inspiration in Charles James and pulled out all the stops for show stopping, jaw dropping, floor sweeping red carpet glamour.

My favorite gowns came from Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, and Carolina Herrera… Those men (and woman!) know how to do ‘timeless glamour’. Here are a few stand outs:


SJP in de la Renta


Emmy Rossum in Herrara


Liu Wen in Posen


Sarah Silverman also in Posen


Dita von Tease, also in Posen.


Arizona Muse in Russo Couture


More de la Renta on the gorgeous Karlie Kloss.


Ivanka Trump in Oscar de la Renta.


More de la Renta on Amy Adams… Why didn’t she wear this to the Oscars!? This looks like a leading lady if I’ve ever seen one!

Unlike last year’s gala, however (Punk: Chaos to Couture), a lot of attendees chose to stray from the theme. Particularly the ladies in the pant suits. If you read my red carpet critics, you know how much I hate pantsuits… especially at the Met. But these fashion babes brought sophistication and elegance to their chic 2-piece ensembles.



And then, of course, there was the safe crowd…

Kim Kardashian redeemed herself after last year’s heinous couch printed, gloved mess. Regardless, she bored me. I half expected her fashionable hubby (did they actually get married?!) would have forced her to wear something more fashion forward. Especially after last year! Looks like he’s not wearing the harem pants anymore…

(I didn’t even bother to see who she’s wearing because I fell asleep looking at her).



On the other side of Kardashian land, there was Kendall Jenner. Okay, let’s just give this Kardash a moment here: HOLY GEEZ! She looked absolutely fierce, flawless, stunning, breath taking,  glamorous, sexy… (it’s hard to pinpoint one adjective for it) in her custom Topshop (right!??? Who says affordable fashion can’t look amazing!?), mermaid gown?? The thing is, the longer I looked at her, the more I found it a little boring for the Met. It was probably one of the safest gowns last night, but it is her first invite and  the girl’s only 18 years old (double right!???) so I’m sure she has many more Balls to up her game.

This is truly an example of not letting the dress wear you. Jenner stands out far above her gown, which as you Fashionistas know: the most important goal in fashion.


Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 4.34.43 PM

Kendall’s new BFF (except on Insta), Selena Gomez looked so-so. If you’re going to the Met Gala, you should aim to dress the best you ever have in your life; and I’ve seen better on Selena. Don’t get me wrong, the gown/color/hair/make up were spot on but we’ve seen this look on her before. She can afford to be a little more experimental, n’est pas?


Some more pretty, but risk-less gowns:

img-stacymartin_233647129234.jpg_gallery_max jessica-alba_110535326225.jpg_gallery_max anne-hathaway_205848775341.jpg_gallery_max 488318677_191245727265.jpg_gallery_max 488321705_192534439836.jpg_gallery_max

Okay, Nicole Richie could have been one of the best-dressed but she basically wore the exact same thing with sleeves to last years gala.


She might be the mother of fashion, but god–this just does nothing for me. I guess she’s never really the best dressed anyway… You think that’s part of her plan? She plants all the fashion seeds in the world and then never reaps what she sows. Thoughts?

The Beckham’s looked like they do every other moment of their lives (perfect), which doesn’t always work on a red carpet like this one. It’s important to bring something new and different to Fashion’s most mayyyjuh night. Nonetheless, I’m obsessed with her dress, it’s stunning and simple and chic. But can someone pleaseeee tell me why she always has this stunned look. Is she still shocked the Anna chose Kim K over her for a cover? #TeamVB!


(Just in case you wanted to see how perfect they are/VB trying to show Anna she and Becks are Vogue cover material [they are]…)


Toni Garrn looked like a modern day Grace Kelly, and Topshop has pretty much sold me on the fact that I should no longer buy gowns anywhere else.


Maggie G’s outfit is actually not bad in my opinion… the pattern is fun and retro, but the color is a bit drab. Maybe if she punched it up with something a little less mud-toned? jake-gyllenhaal-maggie-gyllenhaal_11053485473.jpg_gallery_max

Here a couple more of my favorites:

488321259_191246110619.jpg_gallery_maximg-douglasbooth_232749679451.jpg_gallery_max img-florencewelch_213318521851.jpg_gallery_max img-monicabellucci_233513853846.jpg_gallery_max img-marykate-and-ashley-olsen_20565669225.jpg_gallery_max img-paulrudd_233623605547.jpg_gallery_max img-neilpatrickharrisdavidburkta_220927820894.jpg_gallery_max

My Least Faves:

1. Rashida Jones looked like she showed up wearing the mom jeans of couture gowns. It was designed by Tory Burch, the uniform of all wealthy mom’s in America…soo maybe that explains it… Nothing about it was flattering on her, it was wrinkled and it just looked sloppy! Is that a hotel blanket poking out the bottom?


2. Kristen Stewart: I very much dislike K.Stew. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes (very rarely) she can look fashionable. Not last night though. Maybe if the sheer skirt was longer? Hey, at least she was smiling?


3. Elizabeth Olsen is usually a fashion winner, but I hate short dresses on a red carpet! Something was off with this. What do you think?


4. Lena Dunham: She always makes at least one minor error every red carpet, and it kills me! She could own the red carpet if she tried to! Again, I don’t like short dresses. I think with a longer hi-low concept it could have been killer! (I think it’s Zac Posen?) It also kinda looked like she did her make-up herself using middle school eyeliner techniques.

img-lenadunham_215210405062.jpg_gallery_max5. God, I can’t even believe I’m saying this. But I’m just not getting Lupita N’yongo’s look. There’s just so much going on! Is she an Indian? Mother Earth? Hippie Tinkerbell? I’m lost. And for the love of God lose that headband. Headbands are for Coachella. And even there I hate them.


6. Katie Holmes dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, post sex with the beast. It looks rumpled not ruched, and she has sex hair.



Kate fucking Upton. I just can’t. There are so many things wrong with this Dolce and Gabbana dress. First and foremost, it’s not flattering. The ruffles do NOT work on her body, and they are horizontal stripes!! (Dolce and Gabbana must be alluding to their possible future jail time..) It’s cut way too low for how huge her boobs are and I’m pretty sure I can see her vaj. Plus, that headpiece is just silly. I can’t even believe someone let her wear this. Or that D&G designed something this heinous. #notsorryaboutit



Now that I got all my least faves off my chest, I can end on a much more positive note! Hands down, my absolute favorite gown of the night was Karolina Kurcova in Marchesa. The gown paid hommage to the style Charles James was celebrated for. It was structured and unexpected and the details on the dress took it to another level. It was no longer just a dress, but a work of art. Kurcova’s elegant up-do and simple jewelry and make up were beyond spectacular. Stunning.


What did you guys think!? Who were your faves? Who weren’t? I want to know so be sure to leave comments! Meanwhile, here are a couple candid shots from the Vogue website that I loved.

prutting-met-gala-performance-12-0117_232925935564.jpg_carousel_parties jewell-met-gala-performance-9-0075_235619271128.jpg_carousel_parties jewell-met-gala-cocktail-6-0156_221034940805.jpg_carousel_parties jewel-met-gala-cocktail-2-044_233209645206.jpg_carousel_parties jewell-met-gala-redcarpet-1-0045_221034906270.jpg_carousel_parties met-arrivals-phil-oh-08_120910911891.jpg_gallery_max prutting-met-gala-performance-12-0164_232930176305.jpg_carousel_parties

The Met Gala: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

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