Color Run in the Mountains!

Leave it to me to fall of the blogging train as soon as I start posting consistently! I’ve started working full time, and about 85% of my day is spent commuting/working and the other 15% is spent sleeping. Hopefully I’ll get into a bit of a groove soon! I’ve missed blogging/pinning/and tumbling the last 2 weeks!

As many of you know, I love to run! I try to run 3-4 races a year and am always exploring the running paths and trails of Boulder. I’ve been trying to sign up for the Color Run 5k for the last two years, but it’s always sold out or I’m not in town! I finally got my chance last weekend with Danielle and Melissa and it was SUCH a great time! Absolutely the “#happiest5k on the planet” (as they claim).



The Denver race is not until August 2, but Copper Mountain hosted a spring run during their closing weekend, so we quickly signed up! Being that it’s up in the mountains, we were nervous about possible snow conditions (Siri kept saying it was going to lightening/snow, and they cancel the race if conditions are bad!) but we decided to brave it and make it an adventure! By expecting the worst, we ended up getting the best! As soon as we parked the sun broke through the clouds and sunny blue skies shined down on us.


At the base of Copper Mountain a stage was set up with an energetic DJ amping the runners up and throwing prizes into the crowd as we stuck Color Run tattoos on ourselves and changed into all-white attire and did a little Zumba with the DJ.

A 5,000 person conga line led us to the starting line where everyone started getting excited and won more prizes and danced to upbeat electro-dance music. Suddenly we were off in a sea of white! The race was at 8000+ ft. altitude, which I knew would make it a little difficult but I had completely forgot about the face that the snow was about a foot deep and soft. It soon became the hardest 5k I have ever run (mostly due to snow and altitude conditions)! After dodging snow holes, altitude increases and slippery slopes, we finally made it to the end!



We crossed the finish line in a flurry of powdered paint and found a spot near the front of the stage to commence an hour of dancing, singing, and color! We partied away with the rest of the group dousing ourselves in neon colors while the DJ tossed more prizes and color into the crowd.





After we turned a sickly color of green-orange (including my tongue!?), we figured it was time to dust off and head home.



The run was definitely the most fun I’ve had on a run and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to have a ton of colorful fun while getting a work out in! And honestly, it’s hardly a workout (despite me saying it was the hardest 5k… I did it in the mountains!) and many people walk the course!


Do yourself a favor this summer and be apart of the #happiest5k in the world!! You can look for your city here!

**Use the promo code: COLOR5OFF for a $5 off discount!


Color Run in the Mountains!

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