The Wedding of the Year.

After we awoke from our long foodie/shopping day, we met early at our aunt’s house to catch a shuttle that would take us to our other aunt’s farm for the wedding. But first we had to snap a pic of Tyler and Santi dressed as opposites!


The wedding was no small affair. A hundred friends and family of Grandpa and Tina, along with sixty horses gathered for this countryside wedding. When we got there, everyone was sipping sangria or whiskey and getting ready for the pre-ceremony ride.

DSCN0508 DSCN0511

How great is my grandpa’s outfit?


There were beautiful horses everywhere, including 2 Clydesdale’s which carried a carriage for those who weren’t up to riding.

DSCN0505 DSCN0510

Half way through the ride we finally climbed to the top of the hills with one of the most spectacular view.



It was made even more spectacular by a wine and liquor station, that made me a lot more comfortable during the second half of the ride.

DSCN0520 DSCN0521 DSCN0524 DSCN0530 DSCN0533

Look at how happy Gramps is! He’s the best grandpa in the world and I’m soo happy for him! He was shining all day!

Also please note Aaron behind him.

As we got back to the farm, everyone drank a little more and the kids had a go on the horses.

DSCN0538 DSCN0542 DSCN0544 DSCN0548 DSCN0551

We snapped a couple photos with our horses…

DSCN0555 DSCN0556

…before moving into the courtyard for the ceremony.


Just look at Gramp’s smile!! ๐Ÿ™‚ So big!


My uncle’s and my dad looking great and very proud.

DSCN0592 DSCN0596


After the vows we toasted to a happy and wonderful marriage! And went to theย other courtyard to continue the merry making and eat (surprise!)






Around the yard, my uncle hung large frames in the trees so we could take fun pictures. Such a great idea!!


DSCN0603 DSCN0604 DSCN0605


My camera died as soon as the food arrived!! (Food bloggers nightmare)… But it was basically a series of delicious tapas including hummus, ceviche, octopus, wine, roast pig, paella, soups, and steak.

DSCN0610 DSCN0616 DSCN0617

The wedding went into the night with lots of dancing (with a live band!) and drinking and all around smiles. It was a great night and I’m sooo happy for my Gramps and Tina! Congratulations to the happy couple, you both deserve the happiest and best of lives together!! โค


The Wedding of the Year.

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