A Pre-Wedding Brunch

The reason we went down to Colombia was not only to do some traveling, but also for a wedding… my grandpa’s wedding!!

The day after we returned from the beach, my brothers and dad arrived for a short weekend to attend the wedding festivities. This was the first time that we’ve all been in Colombia together since… 2007? 2006? It’s been a long time!

Don’t we all look dapper?


But before the wedding, we had to do a day of eating and shopping together…

We started with a brunch at a costeño-style restaurant called Diana Garcia. It was all spectacularly delicious. Doesn’t it look it!?

Corn and chorizo scramble with cheese stuffed arepas:


Pancakes (for Santi, of course):


An awesome bread basket, with fresh croissants and some kind of yummy brownie bread!


And the always classic and delicious Eggs Benedict.

DSCN0474I hope you ate a good breakfast, otherwise you might try to eat your screen.

Here’s me and Gramps and Tina.


Here’s my dad and his dad. Aww.


Afterwards the bros and Tyler and I took a walk and did some shopping along the way. Afterwards we found ourselves at our great-grandma’s house for lunch (see, this vacation was all about eating).

DSCN0492How great is this #tbt pic?? It was taken circa 2003-04. Can you guess who’s who?

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 11.36.37 PM

My great-grandma Blanca is a pretty amazing and inspirational woman who always has a warm and open home. She also hosts the BEST lunches in city that are always full of friends and family and the food is by far the most delicious.

After lunch we did some more random shopping/beer drinking with our uncle.

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 11.19.05 PM

I’ll leave you here until tomorrow where you will finally here about the wedding of the year! Trust me, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned!!



A Pre-Wedding Brunch

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