The Greatest Party You’ll Ever Find…

Tyty is being a little shy and doesn’t want to do a guest post, so I’ll continue writing… (WARNING: This is a long post, so settle into the couch and get comfy).

After our day of museum hopping, we headed over to my uncle’s house to make homemade pizzas with the cousins and grab a few drinks at a cool Cuban bar, which played live salsa…. Tyty’s not into dancing (lame) soo we moved on to another bar in hopes to catch up with my other uncle…



After an extremely long Friday night (ahem… we didn’t get home til 7 am), we headed over to my family’s country club (Los Lagartos) on Saturday morning so Tyler and my uncle could play some golf and I could grab lunch and chill with my cousin. Of course, I left my camera at the my uncles, so pics of the club are limited, but Tyler got a couple good ones on the course…

WP_20140329_007 WP_20140329_003 WP_20140329_004

Surprisingly, Tyler was still standing after 4 hours of sleep and having walked 18 holes.

We had plans that night to show him the most epic Colombian party. If you’ve been to Colombia, you’ve probably been to (and definitely heard of) Andres Carne de Res. It’s a small truck stop BBQ joint turned major party house! The owner, (coincidentally named Andres Jaramillo, but NOT my dad), is an eccentric artist who turned a common roadside lunch stop just outside Bogota into one of the most energetic and exciting BBQ restaurants/night clubs/party spots/bars in the world.


In about 30 years, the roadside stop grew rapidly in popularity and size, with the only way to describe it as EPIC. The location has grown immensely with wooden community-style tables crammed close together and numerous large kitchens in a number of “dining halls”. The place easily packs 1500 partiers… if not more.

DSCN0214 DSCN0218

The owner designed the entire place with his eccentric and eclectic style, hanging crazy light fixtures and decorations from the walls and ceilings. The entire place flashes with Christmas lights and neon signs with quirky sayings “Por favor baile, pero no en las mesas” (Please dance, but not on the tables). There are numerous dance floors throughout the place, but many people say fuck it, and start dancing in between the tables around them.


Loud dance music blares in each room, while dancers and clowns (not the scary kind though) conga through the entire restaurant.


The food is delicious and traditional of Colombian family-style BBQs and drinks are poured strong. We started with typical appetizers of the region like chorizo, chicharon (fried pork skins), potatoes, arepa chocolo (sweet corn arepas with cream cheese… AMAZING), and patacones (fried plantain chips) and a couple pitchers of sangria!





It’s definitely a tourist destination, but not in the obnoxious, trappy way. Instead, it’s Colombians wanting to show their foreign friends good food, great dancing, and an awesome party. Because of this, you hear a variety of languages from Spanish, to English, Portuguese, Swedish, and Chinese, plus a hundred more! Every other person you meet is someone traveling abroad and exploring Andres Carne de Res on their way. If the restaurant catches wind of an extranjero (foreigner) or that you’re celebrating something, they send a personal band your way to sing a welcome song complete with confetti, dancers, and ribbons to make a pretty big deal about you. Of course they heard about us and immediately came our way!


After a quick and hilarious serenade, our plates of grilled and BBQ’d meats came to the table steaming and sizzling; making as much of a scene as our private band had!



DSCN0243Pretty soon the party was hopping all around us and the music got louder and louder, and the people got drunker and drunker.

DSCN0221 DSCN0230 DSCN0259 DSCN0260

It’s definitely a sight to see! It’s recommended to get there early, as most of the good tables around the dance floor get taken pretty quickly. If you ever find yourself in Bogota, promise me you’ll go to Andres and experience a real party!!



The Greatest Party You’ll Ever Find…

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Party You’ll Ever Find…

  1. Victoria E. Velez says:

    You really had fun in Colombia. I am very happy to see our wonderful food and the pictures of the family. I am proud of my granddaughter. She is from Los Angeles but she feels very Colombian too.
    Tyler thanks for sharing with our family they love you. Grandma

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