Hell Froze Over…

And by Hell, I mean Anna Wintour.

Fashion freaks around the universe know Wintour, her disdain for reality TV, and the uphill struggle for Kim Kardashian to get herself on a Vogue cover. For month’s the fashion world has been buzzing with the “Will she cave? Will Kanye stop being friends with her??” Well people, she caved. Anna Wintour broke down (who the fuck knows HOW) and gave Kim a cover… with Kanye, of course.

Fashion’s long reigning ice queen (who has been very vocal about not giving reality TV stars any editorial space), seemed to be slowly easing the world into a Vogue-Kardashian collaboration the last few months by offering a “steal Kim and Kanye’s” couple look on Vogue.com, featuring Kim’s little sister in a brief online photoshoot and sitting (gasp) with Kendall at the AW14 Topshop show (to clarify, you don’t get to sit with Wintour unless she asks), to Grace Coddington’s very coy remarks about a possible Kim Kover. So like True Detective, the answer was right under our nose the entire time. By courting the large reality TV brood, Anna Wintour was subliminally telling us: “I run this fucking industry, I make the rules. Get out of my way Victoria Beckham”. (Just kidding, I LOVE Vb, but lord knows she deserves a Vogue cover 1000x more. Hell, she’s a bonafide fashion designer AND her daughter tricked Anna Wintour into smiling in public.) The kover comes less than a year after Anna Wintour and her staff, very obviously, cropped Kim out of a the Met Gala’s “Best Dressed” feature. Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 3.42.45 PM

Vogue revealed “behind the scenes” video on their website today, along with the cover which has a hashtag!??(#worldsmostinterestingcouple… hardly the most interesting, but whatever.) Now please don’t get me wrong, I am a long time Kardashian watcher; even now, with its scripted, boring scenarios. And I think Kim is beyond stunning and looks flawless on any cover…. but would she really be here if it wasn’t for Kanye? Fuck no. I called it as soon as he raided her closet a few KUWTK seasons ago and “made her over”. She looks far, far better now in head to toe haute couture, but a Vogue cover should go to someone making large and original ripples in the cultural pool.

Yes, Kim is the epitome of pop culture (like it or not, we made that happen) and she does represent so much that is going on in society (the good, the bad, and the ugly), but it does seem her star is dimming. If she was going to get this cover, it should have been years ago. She’s slowly becoming irrelevant and (dare I say it?) old*. People don’t see her as a new and exciting pop culture star anymore; but rather for her mistakes, shallowness, and seemingly lack of intelligence. Again, not saying that any of this is true…. but I have definitely noticed a lack of Kim K appreciation since her failed 72-day marriage…. If this should be anyone’s cover, it should be Kanye’s. The man deserves a nod to his creative genius in both fashion and music (but not music videos…). He’s a lyrical genius/gay fish after all, with all due respect Mr. West.

Personally, by including Kim on this cover, I think Vogue is making an extremely passive aggressive jab (or perhaps reflection?) at popular culture and the Kardashian-West’s. The inclusion of a hashtag in the cover seems to have deliberately mocking undertones, as if to say: “Generally, our readers are much more sophisticated than this, but we’ll be attracting the masses with this cover so let’s give them a pat on the head of sorts”. Also, I know they’re getting married and stuff, but it’s a little awkward that they put her in a wedding dress. Especially after the last marital fiasco of hers. The behind-the-scenes video was a blatant reference to the talked about “Bound 2” video, which was almost impossible to watch. Compared to Lena Dunham’s behind the scenes, which was fun and alluded to her GIRLS show by using season 3’s music, I felt like they were making fun of Kim and Kanye. Actually, I’m pretty sure they were. Do you think they noticed?

Maybe I’m just reading too much into it? Maybe Vogue has decided to take a drastic turn in embracing our digitally driven, social media frenzy of a culture? Or maybe Anna Wintour was sick and tired of listening to Kanye whine that she was like “okay asshole, you want a cover? First you have to let me make it a semi-joke.” Who the heck knows at this point…

Will I be waiting for my issue in the mail next month??? HELL YES I WILL. I will scour, read, re-read and critique everything about it (and probably love it). This could be the biggest thing ever, OR it could be the biggest fashion fail in a while. Watch the video here.

*(note: by “old” I mean old news… age is but a number, right?)


Hell Froze Over…

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