A Little Midweek Love.

I haven’t been sick in over 2 years. Last week, I finally caught a bug that all you crazy’s have been complaining about, and let me tell you it was damn miserable! As if being stuck inside the first half of the week (due to -11 temps) wasn’t bad enough, my commute from my bed to the kitchen table was made unbearable by some crippling, life ruining cold. So for the last half of the week, I was stuck in bed worsening an already shitty bout of cabin fever. (I couldn’t even revel in the “working from home” idea, being that I already work from home!) I realized how much I take my great immune system for granted, I couldn’t even enjoy a bottle of wine on the couch!

Now all that’s left is a pesky cough. Back to blogging then! Luckily, I’ve spruced up enough in time for the big commercial wonder: VALENTINE’S DAY! Me and my hunny have a hot date. I’m not big into a major V-day celebration. Just get me pretty flowers for my desk and bottle of good champagne (ahem, Moet) and I’d be a very happy Valentine. But this year Tyty insisted on hitting the town, which should be a fun date night indeed. Apparently every restaurant in Boulder is booked well over a week before the big day, so we’re exploring beyond the city limits.

Anywayyyy… being that it’s the season of love and I love heart shaped things, I’ve created a cute little Valentine’s Day gift/style guide to get you in the mood! Spread a little love this week, even if you don’t have a Valentine.

Valentine Accessories

A Little Midweek Love.

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