Five Years: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story

I’ve always been, and will always be, a lover of Victoria Beckham. Whether she was Posh or “Coming to America”, I’ve admired her style and glamour since I was 7 (“What do you think about mantarays??”) and even in the early days of this blog I’ve featured or highlighted her style and fashion line with stars in my eyes.

Victoria and Karl

So of course, I was more than excited for the Skype Collaboration Project, “Five Years: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story”. Being that VB is such a private person (there are rarely in depth interviews or articles with her–unless of course you watched the very brief “Coming to America”), the world was finally going to get a documentary on THE Victoria Beckham! I was expecting a feature length doc showing a behind the scenes look into her world of fashion. It’s actually very different!

The Skype Collab laid out as an interactive timeline. It uses a series of intimate conversation recordings, quotes, and interview clips with VB and her team to discuss the creation and evolution of her brand “Victoria Beckham”. In five short years, she has risen from a former Spice Girl/footballer’s wife to designer and creator of one of the world’s most revered fashion houses. She is respected in the fashion and luxury industry for her exceptional work and influence, achieving rapid and well-deserved respect for her signature designs.


Her brand has maintained its signature look of sophistication coupled with just enough sexiness, while evolving into a multi-branch fashion house (hand bags, sunglasses, denim, and a sister line: Victoria); due in large part to her ability to connect with a global community through social media and with her team using Skype.

Using digital media and technology (like her absurdly amazing short films!) she’s expanded her brand from a start up to full fledged fashion house more quickly than any other before her. She can probably add “marketing genius” to her resume below “creative fashion designer”.


The documentary whisks you through VB’s personal fashion journey from the roots of her passion for fashion, to her experience as a Spice Girl, and to the start of becoming one of the world’s most influential designers before examining how she became the fashion success she is today. while breaking down what goes into building a collection, show, brand and finally the evolution parallel  to VB’s story.

I’ve always loved her designs for the sleek simplicity, but never explored it more than the overview includes during each fashion week. I was beyond impressed with the amount of time and energy she invests in her collections and how creatively involved she is! This is absolutely a must watch for every Fashionista and aspiring fashion designer! CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT!

NYFW AW14 count down: 2 days!


Five Years: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story

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