I just watched the One Direction movie. It’s official. I’m a fangirl, Directioner, a middle schooler trapped in a 22 year old’s body. I’m definitely obsessed. I can’t believe they were in Boulder this summer and I didn’t take advantage of screaming outside the St. Julien (I’m being serious… I could have been like Lady gaga in her shell bikini).


Sometimes music is made just for the sake of pop and I’m okay with that. I don’t always need soul reaching Adele or ground breaking classics like Nirvana. And I definitely don’t need wompy electro 24/7 or some new hipster crooning edgy folk (ahem, Lorde…). Sometimes, music that reaches 9 year old Dre Dre is exactly what I need. It evokes a nostalgia that I only feel when I listen to the greats: Spice Girls, Brit, Nsync circa No Strings Attached. Back then everything was great, no worries to be had! I made up dances with my girlfriends in the living room, memorized every lyric and belted it in my room, and obsessed over every bit of album art included in the CD booklet. I was a kid obsessed with pop culture and stardom. Things have changed, but the dreams are still there and the 1D boys remind me of them once in a while. I think a few of you reading are right there with me. So embrace those manufactured pop idols. They made you happy as a kid, they can make you happy now. Nothing to be ashamed of!

The movie is quirky and fun. The boys are hilarious and you have to see the fans to believe them. Literally 1000s of them every where they go! Pop it on the TV while you do your daily Facebooking or catching up on emails. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.

Harry is my favorite. Who’s yours?



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