Lazy Days.

Weekends, (particularly Sundays) are made for laziness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being productive and being all carpe diem, but now that the holidays are over I just want to chill. Lately, I’m much happier with a bottle of wine and something to read than going out.  Especially this weekend! The east coast’s snow day caught up with us and we got nearly 8 inches of snow! Currently 10 degrees and still snowing… aka not getting out of bed (see pic):

photo (1)

With that in mind, I encourage you to take Sunday a little slower and curl up with a mug of tea. Finish reading your Vogue or maybe dust off a few books you promised yourself to read. Listen to Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience part 1&2. Make a list of recipes you want to try this week. Mentally prepare yourself for the return of Downton Abbey tonight. Even this article agrees with me!

Whatever it is, make sure you don’t get out of bed. Or at least if you do, only do it to make something tasty. If you need some ideas for things to make your day lazy check out my list:

  • This and this Tumblr (for those who seek a little visual inspiration)
  • A throwback list that will make you think you’re back at your middle school dance.
  • #selfieolympics (selfie inspo for your next Instagram.)
  • Get lost in Wikipedia. I guarantee you wont even realize it’s Monday before you stop! These are my favorite!
  • Life is too short to be a vegetarian.
  • Some British humor about American humor.
  • For the fashionistas.

Happy Sunday and stay cozy everyone! Let me know what your favorite lazy day things to do are!

Lazy Days.

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