Summer Dinner

Late last week I came to the sad realization that summer is nearly over for me. In a week or two I’ll be starting my last (eek!) semester! I’m making a point to do all the summer things I had planned on months ago, but of course, it’s very last minute.

One of my favorite things about late summer is the abundance of tomatoes and basil! They’re among some of my favorite things (heirloom tomatoes tossed with pesto? Amazing), so in honor of summer I decided to make an easy, fresh bruschetta to enjoy with a great bottle of wine!


West End Wine Shop in just a skip down the block from us so Tyty had them help us pick a bottle of wine to go with our dinner. The owner is super helpful and friendly and their selection is great for any budget! We walked out with a Montepulciano and another lighter red wine for after dinner.


After a rainy afternoon, wine and bruschetta was the perfect meal to enjoy on the patio at dusk. The key to a perfect bruschetta? High quality ingredients and rustic bread. Nom.




How are you spending your last summer nights?

*Sorry about the poor quality pics! I only had my phone on hand!

Summer Dinner

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