Trail Running

This weekend I went on the most beautiful — but also the most difficult — run I’ve ever been on! My dad had signed up to run his 50k trail race (crazy, I know) so I decided to participate in a short but sweet 10k. In the ultrarun world, 6 miles is very short, but it was my first go at the trail thing so I opted out of the half marathon.

I couldn’t believe how challenging yet rewarding the race was! I knew I could do the distance, no problemo…the terrain and inclines proved to be all mental. After running a mile up a steep incline, we had to run a mile in ankle deep sand! But the view was absurdly awesome. Hundreds of gorgeous moss covered redwoods. It was like running in an elvish land! I did well having not trained on trails (just over an hour time) and had a lot of fun!

Anyway, if you love nature and you’re a runner, I highly recommend signing up for a trail race. Definitely a challenge, but I believe in you! 😉





Trail Running

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