Summertime Beauty by Dre Dre!

Well, I’m in a bit of a pickle! A few weeks ago my hard drive began its slow descent into death. I finally accept the loss and without saving much data, I took it in for repairs. It’s currently sitting an Apple store being worked on, however that does mean I’ve lost most of what was on there, save a few albums and docs I could muster. (I’m writing this on my phone btw. Thank you wordpress app!) In short: this is another excuse as to why I haven’t written in ages. Here’s to hoping I will be more…bloggy.
On with the post!


I thought it would be fun to do a little beauty post and share my make up secrets, now that summer is in full swing and we’re all trying to battle the heat!

Summer is all about being effortless, natural, and sweat proof while showing off our glowing tans! With that in mind, I keep my routine very simple and natural. Until recently, I used ponds, Olay, and any old cream I found at Target. A few months ago I decided that my face only deserves the best (duh. Yours does too!) so I switched to all natural facial products. Of course, there are a few products I love too much to part with, but for the most part I try to go bare faced with natural creams and serums.

Every morning I apply my go to moisturizer: Andalou Naturals: Probiotic + C cream ($26 a jar). It’s completely and totally natural (boo chemicals!) with fruit stem cells and vitamin C, crucial to a glowing, even skin tone. I swear by it. Next I follow with Nutrogena’s helioplex sunblock. Sunblock is SUPER important people!!! Obviously we spend a lot of summer time swimming, tanning, being outdoors so of course you should wear it! But even if you love the AC in your office and spend most days there, you still get substantial sun exposure while driving or walking. Anyway, who wants wrinkles or skin cancer in a few years!? Not me! And guess what, your face will still tan regardless! Slather it on kiddies!


Now, during the day, I leave my face pretty bare after moisturizer/sunblock EXCEPT for a quick swipe of Chanel Illuminating Powder ($75). It adds a beautiful natural glow and helps highlight cheekbones and brow bones instantly! Unfortunately it was a part of their limited time spring collection and is no longer available. Sephora has many (cheaper) options.

Paired with my now glowy effect, I love Chanel’s Volume mascara ($30) in black for my eyes. Even if its a makeup less day, I always throw on a coat or two before leaving the house. It brightens your eyes and adds just a hint of glamour.

To finish off the look, I swipe on a generous amount of EOS lip balm ($2) and face my day!

I usually take this look from day to night with a light sweep of MAC mineral bronzer in “Golden” and Elf black liquid liner ($1–for that price, you shouldn’t be buying anything else really!)

What does you summer look include?? Please share!

Summertime Beauty by Dre Dre!

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