A Boulder Day: CreekFest + Roof Deck Drinking.

Memorial weekend in Boulder is one of my favorite things! The city is alive and full of people visiting and celebrating the Creekfest, running the BolderBoulder 10k, and drinking and having fun. I planned on taking full advantage of the weekend by spending long afternoons strolling through the fair, checking out the booths and listening to music.

There are only certain situations where you can justify eating giant turkey legs, fried candy bars, funnel cake, and beers all in one day. Creekfest is one of those. So off we went in search of giant turkey legs. Somehow on our quest, we were distracted by the million and one lunch options including Philly cheese steaks, Greek gyros, Caribbean curry (yum!), and hot donuts. I finally settled on Caribbean curry, which was AMAZING. And they even gave me a free jar of their sauce! Tyty decided to go with his go-to Philly cheese steak truck, which was pretty damn good. Apparently you can find them on the 16th St. Mall in Denver!

After a bit of people watching, hennas, and lemonade we decided a snow cone and deep fried snickers was necessary before making our way back home.



The next day I was determined to get my turkey leg, once and for all, but I didn’t realize how aggressive they were! I stole a couple bites from Mike’s and then retreated into the cluster of tents to stalk out an Island Noodle stand and settled down to watch some live music and observe the number of old Boulderites still tripping on acid from the 70s. (Its not uncommon to see a more wild type of folk on Pearl St. banging drums, wailing lyrics, or dancing without shirts on. They’re the original LSD-loving Boulderites, and it wouldn’t be home without them.)

DSC_0203 DSC_0207



Once we saw all the hippie dancing we wanted, we decided to take my spiked lemonade (yeah, I brought vodka to a fair) and ourselves over to Pearl St. for a little bit of roof-decking because Boulder also has some of the best roof decks in the country. Everyone loves drinking when you have a view of the Flatirons.


With the help of our new bartender-friend Pete, our one drink turned into five and then six. And we made a bit of a party on the Absinthe roof deck while we played multiple games of giant Jenga. It gets a lot harder the drunker you are…who’d have thunk it?






Things got a bit tricky in the next round….





I’d say we did Creekfest right. What about you guys?



A Boulder Day: CreekFest + Roof Deck Drinking.

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