Met Gala: Chaos to Couture. But actually. Some of these were chaos.

The Met Gala is one of those things that I wait all year for and just. die. when it finally rolls around. #1 on my bucket list is to make Vogue’s best dressed list, #2 is to be invited to the Met Gala. I think after that, I could die pretty happily. Everything about it is amazing. The grandeur, the couture, the location, the beautiful and creative minds sitting all together. The event in itself drives to me to achieve my dreams. It’s just one of those things for me.

If you know anything about it, you know it is the most influential and watched fashion event with impeccable glamor, elegance, and ingenuity. So I’ll bring you the scoop (Even though, sadly, I watched from afar).

The theme this year was PUNK: Chaos to Couture, so many channeled an edgy, punk couture vibe, which I really appreciated. Imagine if Sid Vicious and Madge (circa 1984) and Givenchy had a love child, it would be something like the Met Gala this Monday. Think lots of black sheer netting, cut outs, metal, wild hair, and neon make up. There were so many greats! Here are my faves:


met-gala-jt-8-red-carpet-3136_205056785437.jpg_carousel_parties  metgala-tj-2-cocktails-0032_233443970286.jpg_carousel_parties



















SPECIAL MENTIONS (good and bad…)

Cara fucking Delavigne. First of all, I’m obsessed with her in general, but she seriously killed it at the Gala. She was the epitome of punk rock royal glam. Super couture, super edgy, great hair. She rocked that dress. Love it a million times.


Elle Fanning: I think you got peacock and punk confused. You’re still young, you can learn. Your sister however looked amaze.



Hamish and SJP: Fiercest fashion duo in the biz. Obviously, Hamish works at Vogue for a reason. And, well, SJP is SJP for a reason. Both their looks were fierce renditions of couture with a punk twist. Love them both.


Katy Perry looked like she was channeling a bit of vintage Madonna. I can appreciate it because she’s not Lady Gaga (aka a copy cat), but she could have been a little more creative, being that she IS Katy Perry. And she IS a bit of a fashion revolutionary. Oh well. She still looked great.


Kristin Stewart: you look stupid. Go home. Your jumpsuit is okay (ONLY okay) but not your hair, make up and expression. Somehow, it makes me feel like you don’t deserve an invite to an event this grand.


Okay. Does anyone notice the similarities/differences between the next two pictures? Both of these women are pregnant. One looks like a rug, and the other like a couch. What is with pregnant celebrities right now? Yeah, it’s the Met Gala, and yes everyone should be as fashion forward as possible but really?

Alexis Stoudemire I have nothing to say except… well actually I have nothing to say. Oh, maybe she should have told Amare to change his damn shoes.

You have 3 more months Kim, and then you can wear whatever the fuck you want again. This was your first ever Met Gala and you show up in that!? The dress wasn’t even punk! And head to finger floral? I don’t feel bad for everyone pinning you next to pictures of Mrs. Doubtfire. #sorrynotsorry babe.

met-gala-jt-3-red-carpet-1364_192152522943.jpg_carousel_parties kimnew

Kim did look really cute/happy while Kanyeezy was rapping.


Madonna. She basically pioneered punk as a fashion statement. Especially haute couture, so this outfit, albeit not the most red carpet worthy, paid hommage to a movement turned style. Love it.


Miley Cyrus knows punk. She might be a pop princess brat, but she brought an early 90s goth look that no one else did. I dig it. Her form fitting fishnet gown was very Marilyn Manson, but also a bit elegant. I think her hair could have been done in a more Anne Hathaway-esque style (see below), but I suppose being the young, wild, and free betch she is, it worked.

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Speaking of Anne Hathaway, I really liked the new and improved bad ass Anne. She was like Miley’s more sophisticated, hot older sister. Top 3 best dressed.

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

You might have noticed the last few all involved short haired bad ass bitches. Well, I present to you the Queen of this club: Nicole Richie. Oh. My. God. Not only is she a fashion chameleon, she owns the rights to every trend. Her look changes so drastically, amazingly, and often yet she never looks like she’s trying too hard or like it doesn’t work. And that’s probably because everything works on her. (Yes, I have eliminated any Simple Life history of hers.) Rihanna was right in saying “this bitch makes me want to throw up #bestdressed”. Her look was siiiiiiiiick. Seriously though, best dressed.

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

And that’s my round up friends! Who were your faves? Best Dressed? Worst Dressed? Shouldn’t have even been there? I’d love to hear! xo

Met Gala: Chaos to Couture. But actually. Some of these were chaos.

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