NYFW Street Style!

Right now, I can only look at NYFW from afar with the hope that one day I can be apart of it. It’s such an exciting time in New York! Being such a fashion mecca, the greatest minds in art and fashion come together to celebrate what they love and do. What amazing energy it must create!! Along with all that fabulousness, everyone in the city seems to step up their fashion game. During fashion week, the entire city transforms into a catwalk and everyone’s street style is showcased. This week, fashionistas and fashionistos rocked the streets with lots of layers and materials. I loved the leather. Loved the neon. Loved the fur. Loved the retro chic everyone seemed to be incorporating. Take a peek at some of favorites! Pics from Vogue.com and GQs instagram.

NYFW-STREET-DAY6-14_155755236401 NYFW-STREET-DAY6-17_155757256874 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day5-7_135143180917 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day4-21_135131784968 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day5-16_135137747761 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day3-8_190518884687 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day3-25_190514359115 Picture 20 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day3-7_190518718067 nyfw-fw2013-street-style-day3-31_19051619293 nyfw-street-day2-6_110803608463 nyfw-street-day2-8_110804122880 nyfw-street-day2-11C_110756796403


NYFW Street Style!

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