My Relevant Opinions About: Katy Perry’s Boobs, JT’s Tux, and Other Grammy Fashion Thoughts.

Award season is like a month long fashion show for me, and my favorite is the Grammys weekend! Musicians tend to be a little more risky and express themselves a little more than on the glamorous red carpet Oscar parties, which is always interesting (See JLO circa 2000). This year however, it failed to impress me. The “fashion guidelines” took away all the fun and I even felt myself wishing a “fat” Lady Gaga would make a surprise appearance.

But despite the new rigid “Grammy Fashion Guidelines”, some of the industry’s sexiest musicians came out showing off their gorgeous bodies in different ways and I had a few faves.

Rihanna rocked a glamorous red Azzedine Alaia gown. She (obviously) cast a shadow over her less-than-classy date and her perfect bod definitely stole the show during the Bob Marley tribute.


After her super powerful Superbowl performance, Beyonce wore a demure, graphic jumpsuit by Osman Studio. Yawn. She looked good, but I was bored with it. I expected a little more diva coming after causing the Superbowl blackout and with her new HBO doc coming out this weekend.

J.Lo pretended she was Angelina Jolie for a day. Minus the ethnic family. Actually… her family is pretty ethnic. She looked fierce regardless.


I think Adele is perfect in every way; and in my eyes, she can do no wrong. However I wish she would have worn a different print with such a loud color (or vice versa.) The cut was perfect on her but the matchy shoes were a bit much.elle-2013-grammys-red-carpet-adele-xln-lgn

Katy Perry’s boobs did most of the talking for her last night. It wasn’t the most tasteful thing she could have worn, but I’m not sure that anything Katy Perry ever wears is. However, I love a form fitting-simple cut dress like hers (minus boob cut outs) and the COLOR! I love mint green/seafoam/tiffany blue, whatever your color blind eyes see. Her dress was Gucci, btw.


(By request from D.Wienberg: Boob solo)a-tuesday-0

Florence Welch chose a great color for her complexion/hair. I love a dark emerald on red head/fair-skinned people. I think its absolutely gorgeous. The dress fit her wonderfully. But the shimmer made her look scaly. And the ridges reminded me of a dinosaur. Pas bien.


Carrie Underwood looked like a glamorous southern belle. A little boring and safe for the Grammys, but honestly I don’t expect anything more from her.


What the fuck? Ashanti hasn’t had any work in a while, so she cut down her drapes and made a dress.


Fun. SO FUN! They’re as GQ-Brooklyn-hipster as I would have expected them. The suits were sharp, the ankles were exposed and the hair was coiffed. Love, love, love!


JT. Always handsome, always classy.


Miz Kelly Rowland looked great in black and mesh mermaid dress. The graphic cut-outs were extremely flattering for her figure and she brought an edgy vibe to a classic gown.


Mumford and Sons (personal fave) are the kind of hipsters I can dig! While I admire the boys of Fun’s chic style, I prefer the less forced, more relaxed style of Mumford and Sons. Maybe its that each group’s music coordinates perfectly with their fashion sense, but Mumford is something I’d listen to with a boy who wears beautifully cut flannel shirts under soft leather jackets and denim cuffed over a pair of Red Wing work boots. (*cough*tyty*cough*)

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Lastly, the ethereal Kimbra looked all kinds of Grammys-amazing!! While her dress was unconventional and unlike anything that we’ve seen this year, she channeled the risky awesomeness that Bjork, J.Lo, and Gaga have all brought in the past. She wasn’t as outlandish or ridiculous as others but her elegant dress (designed by Australian Jamie Lee) was a beautiful combination of turquoise and gold, structured and airy, and definitely made a fashion statement amongst the others on the red carpet. The hand beaded gown was inspired by Broome, Australia and captures the personality of Kimbra. This was my favorite. Truly art meets fashion. *Here is a great Vogue Australia article with Jamie Lee about creating the gown.


All in all, the show was great ( LL Cool J, Z-trip, Travis Barker, Tom Morello!?? Sooo great!!) the fashion was mediocre and my feelings about Taylor Swift were confirmed: She’s annoying. Stop flailing your arms to every song that’s performed, goddammit! But like I said, I had favorites. Oh, and do me a favor friends: humor me and share this with all your friends! Cheers! xo


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