Cured, Boulder

I’m all about the specialty shops Boulder has to offer: sandwiches, head shops, antiques, etc… Luckily, Tyty lives directly behind one of my favorites! It’s a building space on east Pearl St. shared by a coffee shop called Boxcar and a gourmet cheese shop: Cured. It focuses on hand selected cheese, cured meats and wine, but has a wall full of delicious goodies like flavored balsamic, fig jams, and European imported hor d’oeurves.


The interior is like a rustic industrial warehouse, with a coffee bar on one wall, and a cheese shop on the other split by a few terrace-style tables to eat and drink at. In their cases, they feature a great selection of hard, soft, and semi-soft cheeses from local Colorado regions to Spain and Portugal. Another case is filled with delicious Italian and Spanish salami. Samples are generously offered by the extremely knowledgeable staff and everyone makes you feel like a neighbor. Behind the counter, they offer 2-4 daily sandwich specials that highlight a few meats and cheeses (like the Spicy Frenchman!). However, they only make a few each day and they sell out quickly, so if you happen to stop in before 11:30, be sure to grab one if you’re feeling munchy! (Of course you can do what Tyty and I do, and buy a few things to throw on our baguette!)

They also offer the wonderful option of buying gift “picnic baskets” filled with various goodies and wine bottles from their shelves at four different price ranges ($40-150). They make for a great date night or as a gift for friends. If you’re the hostess with the mostest, you can have them prepare a platter for just $10 a person!



The small cellar in the back has great selection and they even offer wine tastings every Tuesday from 4-7pm if you’re interested in knowing more about wine then your friends. You can usually score with some good specials too.

The rest of the space is filled with shelves offering fresh daily bread (made rustic style by local baker), imported pastas from Italy, jars and jars of pickled treats, gourmet jam, crackers to try your new cheese with. Recently they’ve added a small refrigerated section for uncured meats, fish, olives, butter, milk in glass jugs, nuts, etc. and even have pre-made salads. Whatever the little foodie inside of you desires!




Unfortunately, it’s a little out of the college student budget, so I typically reserve it for my splurge grocery trips, rather than for my usual haul. Lucky for Tyty though, his mom gave him a gift certificate for Christmas and he treated me to a wonderful Cured-sponsored home cooked dinner. We bought some amazing  imported spaghetti that has convinced me never to by my $1.99 pack ever again (sorry Barilla!) which tasted perfect tossed in equally amazing bespoke EVOO/balsamic and pork sausage. Oh and of course a bottle of red.


I absolutely recommend paying a visit to Cured whenever you find yourself on East Pearl. I promise you’ll find it as interesting (if not more!) as the west Pearl St. Mall! Its a great place to pop into for a quick lunch or to shop for an impressive Valentine’s dinner (wink). Visit their website here for more store information!

Cured, Boulder

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