Ohmagawd SHOES!

Today I’m feeling extra blog-lucky! Last night, I grammed a picture of my dinner (a recipe taken from my favorite blogged, The Londoner) and this morning woke up to Rosie, herself, having liked it on instagram! It was so cool that she acknowledged it! 🙂

Last week, I saw that I had a little Christmas money left over, and happened to be browsing for some new spring duds; and I came across some amazingly fun spring heels on Forever21.com…. Now, I’m not really a fan of Forever 21 shoes… they always end up hurting, breaking, or looking much cheaper than on the website (and I’m much more of a splurge on shoes and make up than clothing girl). But seeing as I am trying to budget more and more, I couldn’t beat the price for the perfect Spring Break shoe! And hey, they’re pretty near perfect to what I was looking for. Take a look:


These nude and pink ankle straps are the perfectly delicate day-to-night heel I’ve been looking for! The neon and nude is also so trendy!


Now these babies were a delightful surprise! They don’t look like the typical plastic-y Forever21 type and they’re a lovely blush color that makes me excited for spring! Best part? They were under $30 and COMFORTABLE to walk in! Eek!

Picture 10

I also escaped to the mall with Saige today, and came back with a new denim jacket, à la the one that went missing this summer! (RIP), a new beanie for Tyty and some sweet spring shades. I’m all about the blush tones this year! Can’t wait for March! xo

Picture 11

Ohmagawd SHOES!

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