The Ultimate Gift Guide: Something for Everyone!

The holidays are upon us! The official count down has begun, and many of you will be schlepping home soon to see your families and friends. It’s not looking very wintery here in Boulder (it was 70 this weekend!), but I’m okay with that for now. It makes my morning run a little easier. And even though we don’t have any snow, its still feeling very Christmas-y! My house is filled with Christmas lights, glittery pine cones, and all kinds of holiday baubles! Pearl St also has their annual Christmas set up and everything is starting to look magical!

Of course, I love spending time with family, making cookies, and drinking cider by the fire, but I LOVE presents! Not getting them silly, I love the hustle and bustle of the stores (despite constantly cursing myself in the parking lot), staying up late at night to wrap by the fire, and picking gifts that I think will fit the personalities of my loved ones perfectly.

I know with finals and traveling and everything else life brings it can be hard to find gifts for everyone. So, being the helpful Mrs. Claus that I am, I’ve put together a Holiday Gift Guide for every person on your list!

For The Hostess-with-the–Mostest

Does your roommate live her life like a Pinterest board, filled with DIY crafts, picnic themed dinner parties, and a house warmed by a home cooked meal? Why not get the Hostesses-with-the-Mostest a set of beautiful glitter spoons? They’re the perfect touch for any holiday get together! You can find them here, on the Lief Shop site!


For the Hot Nerd

Is your best friend a hottie with a secret passion for all things graphic? This Etsy shop sells great retro-prints off all your favorite superheros. A simple, contrasting frame makes this a perfect living room piece. hotnerd

For The Gadget Guy

For the dude who loves everything technical, yet still looks nostalgically back to his years in the 80s and early 90s: a USB disguised as an 80s style mix-tape. It’s the best of both worlds! This gem holds up to 900 minutes of your favorite beats, so its perfect for any aspiring Skrillex who rocks a flattop.

gadget guy

For The Fit Fashionista

I think most Fashionista’s can attest to the fact that it is much easier to work out if your workout gear inspires you! As soon as I got my new pair of Nike Free’s, I was instantly motivated to workout every day. Sports bras in bright colors or sleek leggings can be found at low prices from Target to Forever21, as well as this neon track jacket for just around $20! fit-fashionista

For The Hip Insider

We all have those friends who are a little too cool for school. You know, the ones who always seem to have the newest gadgets, or were born knowing trends before anyone else? So what to get the hipster who knows/has everything? Some kitschy art to decorate their shabby chic-minimalist-brownstone-loft? (See what I did there?) Parisienne graphic designer Vahram Muratyan has created some amazing pieces contrasting Paris and New York in a pop-arty, fun series. You can pick them up on Society 6 for about $35 a piece.


For The Woman Who Raised You:

It’s important to remember the people who made your Christmases so special as a kid, now that we’re old enough to give back. My mom is always tricky during the holidays because she “insists” we don’t buy her anything or she’s really vague about her Christmas wishes; but this beautiful Kate Spade iPad cover is the perfect accessory for any woman! It’s glamorously chic, but with a fun sparkly twist. Perfect for showing off her new toy at family get togethers.

the woman who raised you

For The Sophisticated Gentleman

Most men love a fine glass of strong liquor. T is more of a scotch man, but others may prefer cognac or bourbon on their evenings off. These bespoke tumblers by Sempli offer a unique and enhanced way of enjoying your liquor by allowing the booze to breathe and develop a rich aroma through the cool swirly motion. Great gift for dad or gramps to toast with on Christmas eve.


For Your Favorite Guy

This season I found it particularly easy to shop for T, and I’d tell you what I got him, but I know he’s going to take a peak into this post and I’m not ready to reveal my secret just yet! But for others, it might be a little more difficult to find something for that special guy. A fine winter sweater is always a great go to for the holidays. They’re classic, comfortable, and you can always steal it a few weeks later to stay warm during the chillier winter months. I’m a big fan of the boyfriend sweater… which is why T is beginning to run low! Hehe… theboyf

These are just a few ideas to get your list started… What are YOU asking for Christmas? xo

The Ultimate Gift Guide: Something for Everyone!

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