Fall Fashion Alert! Skullzzz.

Skulls have taken over fashion for a few months now. You’ll find them small and delicate on necklaces or as studs, elaborate embroidery on tanks, printed scarves, shoes, phone cases, everywhere! Skulls are a great detail to make any outfit a little edgier! I haven’t taken my tiny skull necklace off in months and am constantly looking for little skull studs to spruce up shoes or jewelry.
But with Halloween coming up next week, what better way to celebrate than by rocking your skeletal gear? Below are a few skull inspired ways to celebrate Halloween and the rest of Fall, including some of my own!

Jeffery Campbell’s that I’m OBSESSED with!

Truly, Madly, Deeply tank

Brandy Melville slouchy skull top.

My dainty skull necklace!

My Truly, Madly, Deeply muscle tank. (found on clearance rack at Urban a few months ago)

Sweet Alexander McQueen wallet. I asked Santa for this one!

Fall Fashion Alert! Skullzzz.

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