A Peek With Some Quick Pics.

Yes, I know: I failed to write consistently. Again. But FML school is like a black hole that I typically manage to escape until midterms rolls around and then I remember why I moved to Boulder in the first place.. (no, I didn’t move here to become a regular at the Downer and the Attic). But the black hole is starting to shrink and I see light again, but I think it’ll take me a week or so to get there. Until then, I’ve found refuge in my bed this evening listening to the rain and a little Adele. These are my favorite kind of nights. Cozy, rainy, and blogging.

While I was gone I got a shiny new toy, which, despite my long term loyalty to Blackberry, has become my new favorite accessory! World, please meet iPhone!

Yes, I have been nonstop Instagraming, stalking your Facebooks, and asking Siri what the weather is, and I figured I’d share a couple moments I captured from the last two weeks!

Apple picking at Tyty’s parents house. I’ve so far made apple butter (more like jam), apple crisp, apple doughnuts, and next up: apple bread, sauce, doughnuts round 2!

The adorable neighbor puppy who likes to come over and crash on the couch all day. She’s the sweetest thing!

Tyty looking handsome and dapper, on his way to a wedding one rainy afternoon.

Friday Happy Hour with Lily. Nothing like ending the week with your best friend, a drink and some sushi.

Finally got a (much needed) pair of new running shoes. I’m a big fan of neutral + bright splashes of color. Swoosh!

Snapped this shot while exploring a neighborhood near downtown Boulder. It’s really looking like fall right now. I love it!

Finally the best way to start my week: Saige winning tickets in Madonna’s Golden Triangle for this Thursday’s show in Denver!! And I get to be his +1!! eeeeekk. #vogue
If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve all ready seen these 😛 if you don’t already follow me, than find me at @dreaglitterati.

Have a great week everyone! xo


A Peek With Some Quick Pics.

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