Finally Fall!

This summer, Boulder was outrageously hot. Like, everyday-this-summer-is-95-plus hot. I’d say one of the hottest summers on record (and yes, I confirmed with Boulder natives on this one.) Because of this, most Boulderites adopted a uniform of cut-off shorts, tanks, and the occasional breezy tee. Most of the time, no clothes was a better option. However, this week the the weather finally realized it was September and made a rapid change! As I mentioned last week, we had a day of rain to cool off from our three month heat wave and now we’ve been blessed with crisp, autumn-feeling days. I swear even the trees are starting to turn.

Most Fashionistas are scrambling to their closets, throwing cashmere sweaters, scarves, and various pairs of leggings through the air (a la Gatsby and Daisy with his shirts), rejoicing the fact that its a new fashion year! Woohoo!  My only issue with this time of the year is that the morning might feel cool and crisp, but by your third class you’re running home to changing out of your sweaty double-blend boyfriend sweater and reaching for a trusty tank. Yes, we all make the mid-class switch. Hell, I even change my shoes. Now, you ask: how do you make a proper transition to fall? Fear not ladies and gents, follow my guide!

1. Layers. This may sound like the most obvious (and it is!) but it’s crucial to dressing for shifty weather. It’s still warm in most places so don’t worry about doing the whole 9-yards. All you need are your most comfortable skinny jeans or leggings, a slouchy cotton top, a light weight knit. A denim vest could also do the trick.

2. No boots! Boots in this weather are ridiculous, in my opinion. Save them for evenings out or just wait until a colder day. Instead rock a cool flat,  loafer, or sneaker. Bright colors are still showing up on feet everywhere, as well as animal print, studs, and the classic quilted look.

3. Cold weather/warm weather combo. Can’t decide if you’ll be hot or cold? Why not wear the best of both seasons? Pair high-waisted denim shorts with a chunky knit or skinnies with a tank and heavy scarf.

4. Trench. If you’re planning an evening out or have a particularly dressy occasion to attend, why not keep yourself warm in a classic trench? Worn with a simple LBD and statement accessories you’ll be able to dress up without freezing during the colder evenings.

Finally Fall!

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