Fashion Week Recap

What do I love about fashion week? So many things! First, it’s a sign that fall is write around the corner, which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are also coming up on us (my favorite time of the year). It also reminds me of how much I love New York and how soon I’m going to be living there, as well as a quick preview to all the wonderful trends we’ll see in the coming months.

I wasn’t lucky enough to go to Fashion Week 😦 but I did my best to follow most shows on I noticed spring to be a little bit retro and a little bit bold. With mid-calf length dresses and polished suits to beautiful flowing silhouettes, lace in all colors (de la Renta) and a bold ethnic theme (like Lauren’s Spanish one). There was a lot of black and white to contrast the vibrant pieces from Oscar de la Renta and others, and definitely some bold geometric shapes (Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs). Below I picked out a few of my faves:

It’s definitely interesting and Spring-y. More to come loves! Now I’m off to class! Cheers! xo

Fashion Week Recap

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