Rain, Rain.

To get back into the groove of writing (because, as usual, I’ve forgotten all about this blog) I’ve decided to do a short and sweet post. I’m sitting here at my new kitchen table, in my newly painted dining room (Tiffany Blue–love!) and looking out my window on this wet, chilly day. And I’m absolutely in love! How I’ve missed these days! I have no idea what to wear to class since I haven’t seen a proper rainy day since last summer and I’m pretty sure all of my sweaters are stacked away deep in my closet. The weather change is sudden, but refreshingly wonderful! Really all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Sex and the City. I can’t do that though. I have class until six. Sad day, I know.

Hopefully the rain will stick around so I can do some of my favorite rainy day activities: curl up on the couch with magazines and tea, convince my boyfriend to try a new restaurant with me (wink wink Ty Ty: Zoe Ma Ma!!), play a board game, bake something sweet and invite friends over to share, plan Christmas gifts for friends, paint my nails, cuddle under the covers and listen to the rain…. See, if I lived in London, I could do this everyday! Ahh well, I’ll keep hoping it sticks around! What are your favorite rainy day activities?

Here’s a glimpse at my rainy morning…



Rain, Rain.

One thought on “Rain, Rain.

  1. tycr0 says:

    i enjoy complaining about the rain and wishing it was warm, despite the fact that not a day before i was complaining it was too warm and wishing for rain. but then again, i’m a coloradan, and we are never satisfied with the weather.

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