Back to Fashion!

I haven’t done a post on fashion in a tic, so here’s one for all you fashionistas!

So I was never really into Miley Cyrus. I found her voice and drawl to be extremely annoying, her teeth need some serious braces, and her music is not what I’m into. However, this year the girls gone through a serious transformation. And I fucking love it! She’s become entirely bad ass, smokes pot, got a hot new haircut, a new stylist, and then got engaged (YOLO!) to Liam Sexy Hemsworth. The girl has grown up. I’m in love. Officially Team Miley, so here’s some of her greatest looks. You’ll notice she’s gone on a very edgy meets hipster route with her style. Lots of vintage sunglasses, high-waist shorts, top knots, and eclectic jewelry. Think Urban Outfitters meets Nasty Gal meets American Apparel.

Back to Fashion!

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