Back from Hiatus

Okay, so I’ve done it again. Every few months I successfully fall off the radar with this blog and completely and unforgivably neglect it. It’s my hope that there are still a few readers who wait eagerly for my next post, checking back each day. Probably just my mom. I have brought you nothing of the latest fashion, food, travel, or even my oh-so-entertaining life. For that, I am sorry. But it’s school! It’s taking over my life and with there only being 4 weeks left, I can’t guarantee I’ll win any Blogger of the Year awards. Maybe next year.

While I was away, however, I celebrated my 21st birthday at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. For those of you who are not familiar with electronic music (or just living under a rock), it is one of the biggest electronic music festivals, with artists (both uber-famous and lesser known) from all over the world to celebrate music and get us all dancing. Having been to a few large scale raves in the past, it wasn’t an entirely new experience for me, but it still blew my mind!!!! I can’t really describe the incredible-ness of such an event (being that I saw Madonna perform–LIVE!) but here is a pic to help you all get an idea of what I felt. ps. I totally have a new appreciation for dubstep. womp womp.

Some other fun things I did in Miami: eat delicious Cuban food, spend 80% of my time on the beach, and go to LIV night club. Spring break 2012. #yolo!

Brooke and I before Day 3! xo

Back from Hiatus

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