Taking a Moment.

Once again, the pressures of life, school, and my new lover (food porn) have successfully taken over my life. I literally stumble for food 6 hours out of my day… I left this blog after my Oscar fashion recap to take some mental health days and sort of center myself after some recent events in my life. These last few weeks I’ve really been able to sit back and reflect, and I realize: with every few months or every big change, life calls for a little reinvention. I always forget about the things I truly love. Obviously most know fashion and food are my main loves (hello, my blog.) But people (mainly, me) forget about my love of photography, antique stores, museums, long strolls through the city, and just sitting at a cafe with good friends or a great book.

With this in mind, I am dedicated to continue my exploration of life and reinvention of self my indulging in the sweeter things of life for the next a few months. Lately, I’ve been finding inspiration in so many things and I hope I can bring them here for you all to see. Below are just a few of the wonderful things inspiring me!

Vahram Muratyan. His innovative and chic art designs compare and contrast NYC and Paris. (both future homes of mine). Amelie and Carrie Bradshaw!? Is he kidding?? I LOVE THEM!

Rococo architecture. One of my favorite art periods has inspired my dream restaurant. Full of indulgence, decadence, and the sweeter things in life.

Adele and her first album. When does she NOT inspire me (or anyone)?

Upcoming spring is inspiring a shift in my wardrobe. Out with the thick sweaters in with the pastel jeans and breezy tops.

Chic interiors have been keeping me dreaming about my future home in NYC.

Delicious looking blueberry and lemon pancakes are encouraging me to wake up early (and well rested) on the weekends and make a great breakfast, read a book, or blog a little.  I never have time to any of those things during the week.

A beautiful sunrise over a beautiful city.

Any and everything that signals summer is on its way!

Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen) is my creative dream! I was so inspired by visions of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Paris, Hemmingway, Lautrec, and Picasso. It has encouraged me to read again.


What is your inspiration?

Taking a Moment.

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