Sweet, Sweet Valentine

I love Valentine’s Day! Not just because you can tell someone/someone tells you they love you (which, of course, is nice) but because of all the sweet fun and signs of love! Now, if you say you hate it, its all about consumerism, it’s a made-up holiday then you’re either single and hate it, you’re boring, or you don’t like pretty things.

So what if it’s made up by consumer-pushing CEOs? It promotes love, pink, hearts, other pretty things, and sharing your feelings with others, which are all wonderful things! On Tuesday, walking around campus I saw boys wearing pink polos (cute!) and everyone around me seemed to be calling someone to tell them they loved them. And so what if it’s your husband, mom, girlfriend, grandma or friend that you’re calling? The point is they were all spreading the love and it was great! So as I said, seeing all the heart decorations and pretty colors really made me excited for spring and getting out of these cold winter months! On the way to class someone sprinkled rainbow colored hearts in the snow and it was such a sweet surprise to find while walking up the dreadful hill to campus.

When I came home from class, I was greeted at the door with a box of chocolates and a clue that sent me all over my neighborhood collecting sweet little gifts from my Valentine <3. The boyf and I went out to a delicious burger and fries meal at one of my fave places in Boulder, Dark Horse Saloon. They serve an amazing Jiffy Burger! (Peanut butter, bacon, provolone burger) which sounds really weird and gross but is SOOO delicious. It’s not the most romantic place in Boulder but I loved it! And then we went for a little bit of ice skating and a movie!


And lastly, the night before Valentine’s I like sending my besties a little something sweet. Last year I found some beautiful hand made Valentine’s at an art gallery on Pearl and still had some so I made little goodie bags filled with pink sugar cookies, chocolate hearts and Valentine M&Ms! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day filled with love and shared it with someone special! ❤


Sweet, Sweet Valentine

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