Fashion Week and The Collection App

I’m finding it hard to believe that its already Spring Fashion Week! There are still a few more days of shows, revealing the up and coming pre-fall trends, but so far I’ve been seeing a lot of moody, rich colors like auburn and plum. I also spotted two opposing trends: structured (and asymmetrical)  menswear and flowing, 70’s inspired looks; as well as a lot of fur, leather, and Orient-inspired motifs. Here are some pics that are inspiring me!

I recently downloaded the NY Times Collection app on my iPad, and I’m SO OBSESSED! It’s like the fashion, style and trends sections of the NY times, condensed into a great app featuring all their articles and pictures! If you are a reader of the NY Times Style section, you will be familiar with Bill Cunningham. He’s a sweet 85-year old man who rides a bicycle around NYC, and happens to be a driving force and powerhouse behind fashion! As a street-style/trend watcher for the NY Times (since the 1960s I believe), he photographs the folks of NYC running around the city and captures the socialites, businessmen, models, moms, prep schoolers, and coffee shop dwellers in their everyday wear to reveal what NYC is really wearing. His trend spotting can single-handedly cause a fashion evolution.[Watch a cool documentary on him: Bill Cunningham New York. On Netflix instant queue!]

Anyways this week in his weekly podcast (feb 5) he mentions the revival of the very dapper men’s overcoat. He says men these days are looking toward tailored, sophisticated coats in rich materials and ranging from white to black. I think it’s a great look! I love a man who can dress well and thinks its incredibly sexy for a man to be well dressed and know what he wants to wear. I also think its a great thing when said guy chooses put together looks because it shows a certain level of maturity and sophistication. And frankly, it’s hard for a girl to find that in college!

Fashion Week and The Collection App

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