Vintage Versace

I’ve said before how much I admire 80’s-90’s style Versace (à la Gianni). The other day I was browsing’s blog and they had a post dedicated to vintage Versace ads. They’re amazing! Take a peak below…


I spy Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss among other 90’s supermodel greats! How great was everything Gianni made? I love all the glossy lamé, bright colors, and metallic gowns! I remember one time I was going through the back stock of a thrift store I used to volunteer at through NCL, and I found some Gianni-era Versace jeans. I was outraged by the absurdly high waist (because at 13, nothing that rises 2 inches above your hips was acceptable). Looking back, I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of such an awesome vintage find! (hello, only $5!!!) to make a sweet pair of worn in high-waisted shorts.

Speaking of, last night my wonderful and perfect bf gave me a pair of AMAZING custom made high-waisted shorts. I’m actually obsessed! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can rock them with a  light sweater or over sized and worn-in tee.

Vintage Versace

2 thoughts on “Vintage Versace

  1. I am really glad you are paying this hommage to Gianni Versace. He really defined an era in the fashion industry. Not afraid of glamour, gilt and a special kind of italian sexy, he managed to bring it all together with a little “rock & roll”. And he played a big role in launching the supermodel-as-celebrity phenomenon. I see him as a true innovator. Thank you for the pictures.

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