Feeling New, Starting Fresh!

So 2011 has come and gone, and it feels kind of surreal. So much has happened in the last year (I’ve taken the good with the bad) but all are things that have motivated my to start fresh and strong again this year! I was recently looking at pictures from the last year and its funny how much has changed yet maintained consistency. Through all my adventures at school, explorations around the world, lifestyle¬† habits and natural progression of relationships, my view of life and what I expect from it has evolved and cultivated new grounds in which to create new goals for myself. This year I accomplished many great things but still have lots of room for improvement. For instance, I started this blog which has created many opportunities for me to pursue writing and eventually led me to my internship with CollegeFashionista.com this past semester. I trained and ran for a 10k (which I finished with a very successful time!) and pushed me to new physical levels that I hope to carry into 2012. I’ve also traveled to interesting and beautiful places, which has inspired so many projects and aspirations within me. I’ve lost friends, gained new ones, reached new levels within the relationships I share with others and learned so much more about myself. With all this going on, I also learned to take everything from food to love, alcohol to shopping in moderation and learned what I need to do gain the success I desire.

With that said, I’ve decided to make my goals and resolutions for 2012 public! I usually prefer to keep them to myself as they can be rather personal but I’ve learned that if you say them out loud to the world, you will feel more inclined to accomplish them since now the world (or your friends) expects it from you. So here they are:

1. Train to complete a marathon by May and triathlon before December. This will encourage me to eat healthier,smoke less, push my limits,and create a schedule to live by (my daily life ended up being extremely erratic and unorganized by November).

2. Raise my GPA one full point. Raising my GPA one full point requires one semester of straight A’s, and with an 18-unit course load next semester its going to be hard! This might be my hardest resolution, but it will motivate me to become more focused in everything I do, contribute to a healthy daily schedule (everything else in moderation!) and take full advantage of learning new things in my classes.

3. Don’t let the past dictate my future! I believe in learning from your mistakes or past experience, but I don’t encourage dwelling on the past and letting it effect your future! I’ve made my fair share of mistakes or taken a harder route in life and have recently let it bring me down a few notches mentally and emotionally. This year I’m taking what I learn and leaving all the negative feelings in 2011. #sorrynotsorry negativity! I’m doing what Brooke says and living the “dgaf lifestyle”.

4. Save 40% of everything I make. Saving money has never been my strongest attribute and I have a hopeless addiction to shoes, beautiful material, and anything that sparkles. This year I’m going to save 40% of everything I make to start building that Chanel & Manolo/New-York-City-Fashionista monetary fund for after college.

5. Learn Italian. Studying international affairs and traveling so much, languages are no doubt crucial. I’m lucky enough to speak both Spanish and French from a young age (despite my constant grammar mistakes and occasional accento gringa) as well as English, but 3 is not enough! Italian is both romantic and full of history, rich in culture and the language of my ancestors. So why not?? HOWEVER! In order to start taking Italian, I first need to perfect Spanish! Entonces, animo!

I wish everyone a spectacular and successful year filled with love, adventure, and delicious food! I hope I’ve inspired you all a bit in your resolution making! Its not too late to start or add another!




Feeling New, Starting Fresh!

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