Good Bye 2011!

Ah well, Christmas has come and gone. And I failed my promise to bring you 7 days of Christmas. My attention span only ran for 2 days… hmm it explains a lot…  Anyways, Christmas time is always fun in my house! The 9 days leading up to Christmas is called the “Novena”, where Colombians sing carols and prayers around the tree with various instruments and enjoy traditional treats. Christmas eve is the final celebration where we sing the prayers and songs all together and enjoy Christmas eve dinner: pernil (roasted pork leg), rice, pan de yucca, and other Colombian dishes before giving presents. My brothers and I celebrate with my mom on Christmas day with a big breakfast (I made breakfast pizza!), presents, and usually head to my aunt or uncles house to continue celebrating. I must have been a good girl this year because Santa brought me an Ipad! Woo!

Dad as Santa. 

(My homemade holiday treats and breakfast pizza! I did werkk in the kitchen this break…)

My cousin is a CAKE BOSS! She made that beautiful chocolate and fondant present shaped cake herself!!

And now that Christmas and Hanukkah are behind us, we’re all looking forward to a promising New Year. This year I won’t be toasting with my friends or ringing in the New Year with the NYC ball drop. I’ll be in a very remote and rural jungle region on the Pacific coast of Colombia for the next week working on my tan, surfing, and chilling with locals. So until I write again, may everyone have a wonderful and brilliant New Year! I wish everyone the most happiness, love, and success in the upcoming year and WORK HARD AT YOUR RESOLUTIONS! (one of mine is to actually keep all of mine this year!)

Oh, and one last picture because my brother is too cute:

Good Bye 2011!

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