6 Days of Christmas

Happy Hanukkah! I’m not Jewish but I have plenty of Jewish friends and a wonderful Jewish boyf, so I’ve played my fair share of dreidel and lit a few menorah in my life. To celebrate the first night of Hanukkah I continued a tradition I started last year: Latke Dinner! This traditional Jewish snack? side dish? goodness? are supppppper easy to make! Simply peel and shred potatoes, add some onion, egg and flour, scoop into patties and fry those babies in some hot oil. They’re delish with the usual apple sauce or sour cream. I decided to add some Christmakkuh flair by eating them with my homemade cranberry chutney (which was great since I didn’t have apple sauce…)

I’ve continued my mission to bake every holiday cookie under the sun by making a pretty cranberry noel. But I also got into the spirit by getting a winter-inspired manicure! Instead of the usual dark purple or deep red holiday-hues, I opted for a winter white with a white shimmer on top (it softens it).

So for all you girlie girls: instead of dark reds, browns and purples, try other colors that encompass the winter season like mint green, peppermint pink and white (think peppermint nails with one nail painted bright white), gold glitter or pearl.

The holidays are in full swing! And I feel like I still have so much to do before I leave for Colombia next week! Gah!

6 Days of Christmas

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