The Finals Aftermath

Ah well, I disappeared for a bit, but soon reappeared after the hellish 10 days people like to call “finals”. I know I say it every single year but: next semester, I am NOT putting off my classes until finals week again! (Should I make “go to every single class” a new years resolution? Probably, but it might be the first resolution I break…) Anyways, as my bestie says, “If we worked this hard all semester we’d cap straight A’s!” She’s completely right. Except, I don’t think I’d have the momentum or energy to live in the library five days out of the week, or the will to read something other than Facebook or However, if I worked hard all semester long, I probably wouldn’t have to spend 20 hours a day in the brary the week before my exams.

Also, can I just talk the work I needed to complete before I even began studying? I had a 20 page essay due the last day of class (pre-finals week) and THANK GOD my prof made us turn in the first 10 pages before TG break… Despite starting to write the second half dangerously close to its due date, I still ended up pulling an all-nighter the day it was due while simultaneously writing a 10 pager on Spanish separatist groups (due an hour before my 20 pages) ; and could you imagine what I would have done if I had to write all 20 pages!? I’ll tell you: I would have jumped from the roof of Norlin into a pile of assignments, essays, and exams I had due. (I think I am proof that my semester’s coolest class ended up being my most stressful, so folks DON’T underestimate your chillest class come finals.)

The good news is: during the hectic and painful finals week, I dropped 10 lbs due to my lack of sleep and food, and constant gym-class-brary routine. So thank you professors! I may have pulled all my hair out the last week of class, but at least I’ll be skinny for New Years! Double thumbs up!

Brooke and I rejoicing after finals! Yeah girl! (ps why is your tongue blue wooks?)

The Finals Aftermath

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