The Biggest BAMF in the Industry

I recently came across a picture of Kate Moss at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week this year. Apparently as a huge middle finger to “Anti-Smoking Day” (which happened to be the day of the LV show) Kate strutted the runway, casually smoking a cig. “Why would she do that??” Some people asked…. I’ll tell you why loves. Because she’s Kate Moss and she fucking can.

Now as much as I’m over Coke Kate and the grimy grunge look, you have to honor this women as the most famous and notorious fashion model to ever walk the runway. She could wear a dirty trash bag and everyone will rave about how avant garde and chic the woman is. She makes anything look great. And that alone qualifies you as a fashion god. (Her incredibly high cheek bones are her second qualification for godly-ness). She can basically say and do whatever she wants and the fashion world will still love her. Like that one time she got caught on camera doing lines and then becoming the face of every fashion house that year. Every once in a while some young, new model will be referred to as “The Next Kate Moss” but they’re never quite as fierce or badass. She’s the baddest bitch in the industry; there is no denying it. So let the queen reign. I doubt she’s close to being over it.

So all you fashion die hards and Kate-fanatics, here you go. Eat your heart out.

The Biggest BAMF in the Industry

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