Winter Look of the Day

My holiday seasons are always spend in warm, semi-tropical, and just flat out sunny places. I’ve never had a white Christmas. And while I’m sure it lives up to all of its beauty and hype, I just prefer not trudging around the place and having to run Christmas errands in the snow and ice! Could you imagine slipping on ice with Christmas packages?! Non merci! Anywho, my holidays are spent with my family in Los Angeles (and this year in Bogota!) and on occasion there will be a chilly day or evening in Southern California, which is why I’m always prepared with a light winter coat.

But this year I’ve been especially keen on finding myself a wool cape! I spotted a Fashionista wearing one on campus a few weeks back and immediately began to scour the internet for one. I found the perfect one from Zara in a deep maroon (red is so my color, beeteedubs) and instantly fell in love! Its beginning to rank pretty high on my Christmas List.
Being that it doesn’t usually fall below 50 degrees where I am from, the perfect winter outfit for me would include a skinny pair of leather trousers (as shown in the Polyvore above), the gorgeous Zara cape, and a my favorite purse recently, a brown Pippa Mondalu.
I’m also currently obsessed with leopard smoking flats from Sam Edelman (Christmas List #2). I saw them online at over the summer and knew they would be the perfect shoe to take me from autumn to spring. Unfortunately, they’re sold out nearly everywhere and have not made it to my closet! The smoking flat style is the perfect play on the menswear trend and a great alternative to the everyday flat. Paired with the cape and leather trousers, they offer the perfect statement piece to complete the outfit.
Lastly, the ultimate accessory I would finish the outfit with is the coveted Arty ring by YSL. Every creditable Fashionista, muse, and blogger has it and I NEED it! The gorgeous ring complements any outfit with the perfect touch of glam. It makes a statement, but doesn’t rule the outfit. The great thing is that it comes in a variety of different colored stones. I love the teal-turquoise colored one.
Hopefully I can fill my closet with a few of these beauties and celebrate the holiday season in elegant style!
Happy Holidays! xx
Winter Look of the Day

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