It-Girl: Cara Delevingne

So today during class (International Behavior, it’s actually quite interesting) I was doing my usual peruse of this week’s “Best-Dressed List” on (a title I would like to hold some day…) I saw that their number 10 was an unfamiliar face. Well, I suppose I recognized her but couldn’t put my finger on it. She was absolutely gorgeous and had wicked style (clearly, she was one of Vogue’s Best dressed!). Then I realized the Emma Watson look alike was London socialite-turned model/little sister of Poppy Delevingne, Cara!

The 19 year old has skyrocketed (along side her big sis, Poppy) to the top ranks of Fashion Royalty. Together they have taken the fashion world by storm becoming the faces of Chanel Beauty, Mango, and Burberry, among others. You can usually find Cara strutting down the runway for Burberru Prorsum, sitting front row at the hottest shows, or running around London clubs with the Jagger kids and other British rock, fashion, and social royalty (hell, probably even regular royalty).

Not only is this girl gorgeous with her mile-long legs, blonde locks and dark brow, but she’s fierce, sassy, and has killer style making her my new favorite It-Girl! Her signature style is something a long the lines of extra skinny pants, an edgy leather jacket, sassy combats, gold sequins, and basically anything fabulous. Scope some of her pics and you’ll agree, she’s the next Kate Moss. She kind of looks like a young mix between Emma Watson and Denise Richards, except a hundred times more bad ass! I’ve always been a fan of leather leggings, but now I’m going to take a cue from Cara and try them with a chunky heel or luxurious sweater. So hot for winter! Who is your muse this winter??

It-Girl: Cara Delevingne

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