Donatella, Donatella.

There are a few designers who stick out in my mind as game changers and true fashion experts. They’re the designers I want in my closet and who I have been saving up for since I was 12 years old. My list includes: Missoni, Chanel, Louboutin, and Versace. And while yes, at this moment in time my taste far exceeds my budget, these are the clothes that I will flaunt around New York City in, in the next few years.

And yes, Versace screams gaudy, Italian aristocracy, I have to say, it really speaks to me… I absolutely adore everything Donatella designs. It could be a piece of metallic gold leather blanket with embroidered roses and studs and I could appreciate it for the craftsmanship and art that it is. I don’t typically find my self flashing my material things in an obnoxious way, but you just gotta let it happen for Versace. Her pieces take you back to the 80’s when jet setting from Milan to Miami to Vegas was the life, and gold, glitter, and powder blue was everyone’s color scheme. I think I would be wearing gold leather pants with a silk sequined tank tucked in and a powder blue silk scarf tied around my neck. Obviously my heels would be sky high and pointy, and hair perfectly teased and voluminous. I would be getting off my jet in Miami fresh from Milan, heading to my boyfriend’s spectacular yacht to spend hour and hours drinking champagne and doing other 80’s things (fill in the blank here) before attending our best friends night club in a custom designed shimmering white lamé dress perfect to party until dawn…. Alright, I wish I was an 80’s socialite. Yeah, I said it!

Well all that aside, I have to say how EXCITED I am that Versace is designing for H&M this fall! (Hits stores November 17!) The newest real world-haute couture collaboration is full of Versace’s best designs from their archives, INCLUDING their 80’s hey-day (yes! yes! yes!) You can expect a lot of bright, flashy prints, studded mini dresses, leather (by way of necklaces, bags, and jackets), and a whole lot of Italian Appreciation! You have no idea how fast I’m going to dive into the “selected-only” stores to get my hands on everything possible. Below are two of my favorites from the collection.

Donatella, Donatella.

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